Monday, January 18, 2016

Our Weekend

Ellie and I are currently snowed in over here and I'm debating whether I want to attempt to wrestle her into her snowsuit and take her out for a spin in her sled.  Maybe later (although I hear it's going to be ridiculously cold + windy so maybe not), but for now I'm enjoying the feeling of not being able to go anywhere all day long.  Not that we would have left the house anyway, but you know what I mean...

This weekend started a whole day early for me when my mother-in-law didn't feel well Friday morning and didn't want to chance Ellie getting sick again (she's almost better, by the way - just a little bit of a cough left #neverendingsickness).  You know how disappointed I was to have to stay home in my jammies and hang with my best girl for an extra day.  We ate heart-shaped pancakes, watched Mickey and snuggled.  I did also try to get a little bit of work done from home.  Kudos to any mamas who do that on a regular basis.  I clocked in a whopping two hours total all day long, but figured two hours is better than nothing... especially when you translate the hours into dollars.  And the dollars into things like Ellie's summer wardrobe baby food + diapers.

On Saturday we went to my parents' house for dinner and to watch the Patriots playoff game, and Sunday was spent, you guessed it, at home doing a whole lot of nothing. :)   We also successfully brushed Ellie's two teeth for the first time this weekend, and she fed herself puffs for the first time ever!  She would usually just push them right off the side of her highchair tray, or if she did pick them up they wouldn't quite make it to her mouth, so this was a pretty exciting happening over here.  There was cheering + clapping, oo-ing + ahh-ing, watching our little girl pick up her puffs one by one and put them in her mouth over and over again... Parenthood does some crazy things to your mind, people. ;)
Not sure why Ellie's hair looked extra cockatoo-esq on Friday, but she rocked it if I do say so myself.
Saturday happened to be a happy mail day over here when we got both our order from Isla Ann Inspirations as well as a couple things from Carters, including the heart sunglasses I needed for Ellia.  We took turns putting them on (me) and taking them off (her), but I did manage to get a couple pictures where she wasn't trying to rip them off.  Most of them looked like this, in case you were wondering...   Patience is key. ;)
Also, because I forgot to include this in my Friday Favorites post but it is certainly one of my new favorite things - how Ellie crawls on any surface that is not carpeted.  We call it "the Mogley" (The Jungle Book, anyone?).  I'm guessing it's because she doesn't like how the hard tile feels under her knees, but it looks a little bit like she was raised by apes.  Gosh, I love her crazy self. :)

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