Monday, January 25, 2016

Our Weekend

Hope you all stayed warm this weekend!  For anyone reading this who does not live where it snowed, I am a little bit jealous, but have to admit that waking up to a yard covered in snow completely untouched is kind of pretty.

Even though the winter storm didn't end up being half as bad as they originally predicted for our area, it was still pretty snowy out on Saturday.   Aside from a quick run for donuts + coffee, home is where we were at.  I am so happy to report that Ellie definitely had more fun in the snow this time around.  Obviously sledding down the hill was her jam - she is wild to say the least, as you might have seen in the video I shared on Instagram this weekend!  At only 18 degrees with a "real feel" of 4, we only stayed out a little bit, but it was still lots of fun.  Surpringly enough (because we are like big kids over here, in case you haven't noticed), Tyler and I had never tried sledding in our yard until this winter. Our front yard makes for a pretty decent track, so I definitely want to pick up an adult-sized sled before the season is over!

We (Tyler) also gave my bureau a much needed makeover this weekend!  It was still pink from when it was at my parents house, and we have been meaning to paint it since we bought our house... so, almost three years.  We used a paint sample that we got for Ellie's room and didn't end up using (I might like it even better than the color of her room now), and replaced the plain wood knobs with these acrylic ones.  It looks about one million times better than it did before and I'm so happy to finally have a big girl bureau. ;)

A few random thoughts:
1.)  I love breaking out my Sorel boots every winter!  I've had them for six years now and they're still in great shape and keep my feet super warm.  Plus, they're pretty cute for being so functional.  I highly recommend investing in a pair if you live in the tundra like we do!  Sometimes it's the little things like wearing a cute pair of snow boots that help make getting through the long winters a little (teeny tiny) bit easier.
2.)  I know it's early and I plan to share plenty of Easter basket ideas soon, but I have to share this find!  These sweet handmade bunnies are too cute and selling out fast.  I came across them this time last year and was this close to buying one for Ellie in the belly but decided that was cray.  So, one will be going in her basket this year instead. :)  I believe it's the last restock before Easter, so act fast if you're interested!
3.)  We made these turkey meatloaf muffins (we left out the carrots) Saturday night and they are really good.  They make the perfect portion sizes and I honestly don't think we'll make a regular meatloaf again.  The sauce is my favorite part, so don't skimp! :)
Meatloaf isn't very pretty, but I promise it tastes better than it looks! ;)

Hope you have a Happy Monday!

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