Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Baby Faves: Seven + Eight Months

Not a whole lot has changed lately in terms of favorite baby products, but I wanted to share a few ones that were especially loved in the past two months.

Ball Pit - This is actually the same thing as the activity gym I had listed in our one + two month faves, but now we have it set up as the ball pit and Ellie really likes it.  It's not ridiculously huge like some other ball pits are, so it doesn't take up a ton of space but provides quite a bit of entertainment for her.  We collect a few other toys in it as well and she goes to town! The balls were a good size for Ells to practice picking things up, too.

Fresh Food Feeders - I love sharing my fruit with Ellie in these!  They were especially great when Ellie was still getting used to different textures, and I think they helped with her teething.  They also helped keep her busy while I ate breakfast/lunch/whatever.  Bananas might be her favorite in them but they do tend to make a bit of a mess, so be prepared!

Plum Organics Pouches - Stage 2 pouches are ten times more fun than Stage 1.  Plum Organics offers a ton of variety and Ellie is a huge fan.  I love knowing that she's getting such a wide range of fruits, veggies, dairy (lots of greek yogurt), as well as things like quinoa and beans!

Highchair - I know I've mentioned this before so I won't be repetitive, but I really love this highchair and haven't talked to anyone who has it and doesn't.

If I were a Monkey book - Ellie's most favorite book!  Touch and feel books are really great around this time, and Ellie knows how to use her fingers to feel the different textures on all of the pages - it's so cute to watch!

The Babies on the Bus book - A little annoying, but Ells loves this book sung to her.  Like, she'll perk right up as soon as I sing the first couple lines. Clearly, she's not partial to good singing voices at this point. ;)

She also really loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and can tell when it's on by the music + voices.  She'll only sit and watch for a few minutes at a time (what else would you expect from an eight month old?), but it's really sweet to see her get excited about it.  

And when all else fails, we play a little game I like to call "k-cups", which very well might be one of Ellie's favorite things to do.

You can find our past baby faves here:

Any recs for upcoming months?  Please share! :)

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