Monday, January 11, 2016

Valentine's Day Favorites: Mini Style

We're just over a month away from Valentine's Day so I thought I'd share some of my favorite baby + toddler girl styles.  While I would love to have Ellie decked out in heart-covered everything for the next month, I opted to only pick one tee that's really Valentine's Day-ish: these XO tees that come in both mama + mini sizes!! (They're for sale starting 1/15 but if you email them with the sizes + styles you want, they'll send you a paypal invoice to preorder so you can guarantee your sizes.)  How excited am I that Ells and I will be twinning on VDay? On scale of 1-10: 20.  Plus, I will totally wear that shirt year-round, because hugs + kisses all day every day! ;)

Anyway, back to the point I was trying to make... I'm still wondering why I felt it necessary to buy that "Baby's First Christmas" outfit that Ellie wore once (not my typical price per use rationalization), but think you can look festive for any holiday by incorporating certain colors into your everyday wardrobe.  That being said, bring on the red, white + PINK! :)

While I can almost guarantee Ellie will not let me put those sunglasses on her, they were a must in my book.  Plus, they're 0-24 months so I'm thinking they'll fit her next year too (when I might have better luck!).

Little men, I have not forgotten about you!  While it might be a little more fun to dress girls for Valentine's Day, I was surprised to see some really cute things in the boys section as well!  My top boy picks include this love bandit onesie and this red gingham plaid shirt.  I also don't think you can go wrong with a classic white button down on the most romantic day of the year. ;)  Also, real men wear pink so bring it on, baby boys!

I'm working on putting together some Valentine's Day favorites for ladies, as well as dreaming up our "party" for three and will share some ideas soon!  I'm also trying to think up a Valentine's gift for our little love - not something too outrageous, but you know I can't not get something for Ellie.  She is such a sweetheart, after all! :) 

Doesn't Ellie look so big in these pictures?! Current bets are that she will be walking around here by the end of the month.  She's very much still working on her balance but she's getting so much better at walking herself along the couch (or whatever piece of furniture she is climbing at the moment) and learning to fall gracefully (for the most part) - she even took a step unassisted this weekend!  I can't even imagine the cuteness that will be Ellie doing laps around the house. :)

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