Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dance Party Playlist

With lots of snow days in the mix lately, we've been feeling a little cooped up over here.  While we do try to get outside for a little bit each day regardless of the weather, it's just not the same as spending hours outside walking, strolling, hammocking, etc.  I'm always trying to think of different things to keep Ellie busy, because sometimes it seems like we're just alternating between playing with the toys in the living room and playing with the toys in Ellie's room.  One thing that keeps us both happy and up off our butts is our daily dance parties.  In our house, we almost always having music playing - from breakfast to bedtime, Ellie and I are likely jammin' out to our favorite jams (while wearing our favorite jams, of course).  Most of the time I'll just put on Pandora or Amazon Prime (commercial free music!), but there are some songs that we consider "our songs" and you'll likely find us playing them five thousand times on repeat.  The list could easily go on and on, but here are some of our current favorites, mixed in with some "classics" that Ellie has seemed to enjoy since she was just a couple months old:

Of course, we also like to take a break and slow it down sometimes.  There's a 200% chance you'll find us (me) belting out some Boys II Men (Tyler's favorite, as you can imagine), and we also love, love, love Never Grow Up by T. Swift.  I used to play it on repeat when Ellie was a newborn and wouldn't sleep at 2 am and it actually did help calm her down sometimes - it's definitely going to be a mama + Ellie song forever!  I'm also a big fan of God Made Girls by RaeLynn ever since listening to it over and over again when Ellie was in the belly.  While I don't tend to pick favorite artists, I've never heard a Thomas Rhett song that I didn't like and Die a Happy Man is certainly no exception.  Plus, he and his wife might be the cutest couple in all of the land, am I right??

So if you need us, you can find us dancing around the house to our favorite songs while wearing all red, white + pink of course! I'm totally trying to get the most out of this cute color combo for the rest of the week. ;)

P.S. Ellie's mini mailbox is from the Target dollar section, I just added some extra decor to it to personalize it a bit!  I plan to write a love note to her to keep in her baby book, and was going to ask Tyler to do the same.  Any other ideas of what to put in here are welcome!  Her other VDay gifts are a little too big to fit in this tiny mailbox. :)

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