Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  Unfortunately, our 63 degree weather earlier this week quickly disappeared and we're getting a decent amount of snow today.  Fortunately, that means a snow day at home with Ells (while trying to get some work done, too!). 

 As usual, just sharing some photos from the week + some of my recent favorite things!  Perhaps my favorite picture of the week is this one of Ellie, post-pasta lunch.  Clearly she's loving life and is a champ at feeding herself these days. ;)  It totally screams "Fri-YAY" to me!

Ellie got a ton of hand-me-downs recently from a few different people, so we had fun picking out some new outfits to wear this week (and bows to match, of course!).

We're starting to get to the point where things like making cookies (playing with measuring cups) and watching me do my makeup (holding my blush + getting her own makeup "done" with a clean brush) at least somewhat interests Ellie.  And by that I mean I can maybe get ten minutes before she starts whining, which means I'm totally not complaining because that's ten minutes I probably wouldn't have gotten before!  It also means we've made cookies two weeks in a row, because that's just what we need in this house. ;)

As if my baby fever wasn't high enough already, Jean & June posted the sweetest photo on Instagram this week of a tiny babe on their new "home is where the mama is" blankets that will be available tonight at 6 pm PST.  I went looking for the photo to share, but it looks like they might have deleted it (or I'm crazy).  Either way, here's the blanket and I LOVE it.  They also have some of the sweetest onesies that will be available too.  I'm debating getting one and putting it away for a future babe.  This should come as no surprise since I bought Ellie's first stuffed animal about two years before a baby was even a serious thought.  Don't mind me just hoarding all the cute baby things over here.

I'm a little obsessed with chambray, and one of my favorite outfits Ellie wore last summer + fall was a little chambray one-piece.  I saw this one that's pretty similar, plus I love the sleeves!

These Letterfolk boards are popping up everywhere lately it seems, and I think they'd be perfect in a kitchen or dining room.  Kind of like a chalkboard but a little less time consuming. Menus, quotes, love notes?  Possibilities are pretty much endless.

I have an Ezra + Eli tee already and love it, but they've come out with some new ones lately that are really cute.  This one (love the pocket!) and this one might be my faves... of course, the second one refers to multiple children, sooo see my statement four paragraphs back. ;)

If you're looking for a Superbowl recipe, might I suggest whipping up some of my guacamole?  I don't have many recipes of my own, so this one is definitely special!  But seriously, it's good.  I know that it's good because more than a few people have asked for the recipe. ;) If you happen to try it out, I'd love to hear what you think of it!

I hope you all have a fun + relaxing weekend!

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