Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Favorites

Holy TGIF.  I spent a half hour last night frantically searching for my cell phone because I could not for the life of me remember where the F I put it before I put Ellie to bed.  Sounds eerily similar to the story about my glasses that I shared on Instagram a few weeks ago, no?  Some days my brain is like mush.  Maybe what I said about sleep getting better in my last post should be rephrased to you just kind of learn how to run on little sleep (sometimes not so successfully apparently), and could really use a full eight hours every once in a while since I honestly couldn't even begin to tell you when that last happened.  OY.

Anyway... speaking of glasses, I just ordered my at-home trial pairs from Warby Parker!  I have been wanting to do it for a while, but was recently inspired to get on it now by a fellow blogger I met through the Insta community.  I need to go to the doctor still to get my prescription updated, but will happily do so if I know that I have a new pair of glasses waiting to be ordered! ;)  What I love the most about the company is that they donate a pair for every pair sold.  Not to mention they have so many cute styles - so, what's not to love?!

I've been on the hunt for a cool doormat ever since I saw one from Sundance that I loved but had a not so pretty price tag.  Well, West Elm answered my doormat prayers with some of the cutest ones around - loving this one and this one the most!

This chalkboard art by the talented Jessica Garvin is on point and I can't wait to have it hung somewhere in our house.   Such a sweet quote!

Obsessed with this sign that I would love to get for Ellie's room.  "Delightfully chaotic" fits her and her little personality so well. :)

Does anyone else have a girl crush on Joanna Gaines?  I'm just going to pretend I heard a resounding "YES" and keep going... She and Chip are hands down my favorite couple on TV and are just too cute for words.  Their house is gorgeous (that kitchen!!!), I want to frolic on their farm, and their kids are adorable. Fixer Upper is the best show on HGTV, and I love that Tyler likes to watch it too (I'm pretty sure he has a slight man crush on Chip, which makes me giggle because they actually remind me a lot of each other).  I saw that Joanna and Chip just recently finished writing their book together and can't wait for it to come out!  In the meantime, if you haven't already checked out Magnolia Market, you definitely should.  They have some really cute things at reasonable prices!

I ordered a few things for Ellie in some bigger sizes while President's Day sales were happening, including this tutu dress in the grey/ivory that's perfect for Spring.  Also potentially the perfect first birthday party dress, no? :)

How about this chick with her jeggings, cardigan, glitter purse and coffee in her tea cup?  Nine months going on nineteen years.  ;) Enjoy these Ellie snaps + have a good weekend! :)

 P.S.  Ellie's bows are 20% off using code READY4SPRING until 2/24! 


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