Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My Diaper Bag Essentials

I know this might not be the most exciting post topic for most of you, but I remember doing a little research about what to put in my diaper bag when I was pregnant (first time mom problems), so I thought I'd share what's in mine!  The timing of this post is because, for what feels like the millionth time, I left the house without one of my "diaper bag essentials".  I was taking Ellie to her nine month check-up and realized five minutes into our drive that I had forgotten a bottle.  I know, really?!  I had water and formula, but nothing to put them in.  So, we turned our butts around and went home to get one even though I was 99% sure we wouldn't even use it.  Spolier alert: we didn't, but I totally would have felt like the world's worst mom if my baby girl wanted a bottle and I couldn't give one to her.

 I've already mentioned this fifteen thousand times, but my diaper bag is from Little Unicorn and I love it.  I don't want to sound like a snob, but I was pretty particular about finding the perfect diaper bag.  I really wanted one that resembled a regular, over-sized purse and that's exactly what I found.  I have also used a regular over-sized tote with this insert, and it works like a charm!  So if you can't find the perfect diaper bag for you, you can always try to find any larger-sized totes and buy a separate organizer for it - something like this would work great!

While quantities of things (i.e. number of bottles, outfits, diapers, etc.) can change depending on where we're headed, here's a list of what goes in my diaper bag on any given day:

Baby bottle(s) - I try to only pack one to save space if we are going somewhere I can easily wash it.

Water bottles - at least two; one for me, one for Ellie.

Formula - sometimes the whole container, sometimes I'll measure it out into one of Ellie's old 2.5 ounce bottles instead (like if we're headed to Target).  Not having to lug around a big container of formula was definitely an upside to nursing.

Snacks - a snack for a nursing mama is kind of a necessity.  Now, Ellie gets the snacks!  I'll bring a baggie of puffs + some teething biscuits around with us. I'll also pack a food pouch or two.  How many depends on where we're going and how long, but even just to the grocery store I'll bring one.  Because you know they don't have food at the grocery store. ;)

Burp cloths - Ellie was SO spitty as a tiny baby.  We don't use them nearly as much as we used to, but I still throw one in my bag just in case.  Also, these cloth diapers make the perfect burp cloths - they are super affordable and can be bleached if needed so you don't have to worry about spending a fortune on the "cute" ones that will just get ruined.

Bib + baby spoon.

Diapers + wipes, of course.

Changing pad - we don't use this too often but it is good to have.  My diaper bag actually came with a matching one which you know makes me happy! ;)

Extra outfit -  SO important!  I usually just pack a pair of jammies as a spare outfit (spit up and blowouts are frequent in the first few months!).  In the cold weather months, I've also been carrying around an extra hat to pop on Ellie's head when we're going in and out of the car.

Swaddle blanket -  in the cooler weather, I always use one to cover Ellie up when we're headed out somewhere.  They're also just nice to have and can double as a changing pad, burp cloth or nursing cover!

Teether - Sophie almost always comes with us, but anything that Ellie can chew on is great.

Pacifiers - as many as I can find before we walk out the door is how many will end up in this bag.  We also bring a paci clip because Ellie has been known to spit them out on the Stop & Shop floor.

Sunscreen - definitely a warm weather necessity.

Mini emergency kit - I love these little kits!  I got them for my bridesmaids and my sister got me one specifically for moms.  So many useful things packed into a tiny box - from Advil + bandaids to crayons + even a mini sewing kit, this kit has you covered!

Toys - usually just two or three small toys to keep her occupied in the car, or if we're headed to someone's house that might not have a whole basket full of toys just for Ellie like my parents do.  These kitty rattles are an Ellie favorite, as well as her cellphone because you know she can't leave the house without her cell. ;) 

Hand sanitizer - self explanatory.

I also carry my wallet in my diaper bag.  I have a little clutch one (similar to this but mine has a flap opening) that I carry my cash/credit cards, license, etc., plus my cellphone and some chapstick + lipgloss.  I love that I can easily throw it in either my diaper bag or purse, since I don't typically carry both around with me at once.

Also found my diaper bag, but not necessities are: cat ears from Halloween, a selfie stick, and half a bottle's worth of dry formula sprinkled all along the bottom - a result from a trying to make a bottle in the back seat of a moving car, in the dark, while listening to a baby scream.

And if your baby is anything like mine, she will thoroughly enjoy taking out all diaper bag contents over and over again (apparently with her pants around her ankles).  Free entertainment, people! ;)


  1. Love this list! The mini emergency kit is the cutest thing I have ever seen!! I totally want one haha. Never thought of using an old bottle as a formula container, smart thinking missy ;) With Isla we usually carried around the whole container but near the end of her needing bottles we found this & remembered to get one for Weston.

    Works pretty good! The pants around the ankles kills me! Weston loves emptying the diaper bag as well. Heck, Isla still digs around in it ;)

    1. Oh that is awesome! I love how the description says "there's no reason to lug around a large container" haha! I will definitely keep it in mind. ;) And yes, those little emergency kits are so cute!

  2. Oh, that is unbelievable, it had large spacing in the bag, for new moms its beneficial, my friend needs some diaper bags. I surely recommended her for this.


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