Monday, February 1, 2016

Our Weekend

Is it just me or did this weekend go by faster than usual?  These posts are really just an excuse to share more Ellie photos, because we don't usually do anything too exciting on the weekends, especially in the winter.  This weekend's highlights included a Saturday afternoon trip to Target, a visit from Ellie's Grampy, and some gorgeous weather on Sunday that felt a lot more like spring than it did winter.  We weren't complaining one bit! :) 

Of course, we also took our weekly "Friday night selfies" as Tyler pointed out when he saw us snapping this picture. ;)
This is my dorky it's Friday night, my baby is asleep, I'm wearing my favorite shirt and about to give myself my weekly "manicure" mirror selfie.  BONUS, Ellie didn't even wake up while I was painting my nails! Also... oh hey, creepy wrist and cat snot prints on the mirror.  Just keeping it real over here, I guess. ;)

Since I'm kind of a baby headband hoarder, I have to share sources when I find things that I love!  Ellia's glitter heart headband is from Ella Reese Designs (a newly opened shop that has some super cute accessories!), and her pink polka dot knotted bow is of course from our friends at Isla Ann Inspirations. Both are perfect for Valentine's Day but can definitely be worn year-round! :)

On an unrelated note, this weekend I made my first purchase for Ellie's birthday party - these six inch cake pans that will be perfect for her smash cake!  I'm still ironing out the details, but am 99% sure it's going to be a naked cake.  Mostly because I love them and think they're really pretty, but also because it's just so fitting for my girl who prefers to be nude any chance she can get. ;)  Tyler said we could get her cake made from our favorite bakery, but I politely declined because I'm dying to make it myself!  Plus, she will destroy it in half a second, so there's that...

Ellie also used her little push walker to cruise around the living room for the first time Saturday night!  I got a quick video before my phone told me it's too full to record any longer - you can see it on Facebook (Youtube wasn't letting me upload for whatever reason).  You'll note that in true Ellie fashion, she is only half-dressed.

Happy February First!  Spring is officially NEXT MONTH, guys! :)

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