Sunday, February 21, 2016

Our Weekend

Happy (almost) Monday from one of us, not so sure about the other! ;)

 I had to snap a picture of this girl in action Friday night.  My mother-in-law said that Ellie wouldn't eat her baby food but was clearly still hungry and wanted "something else".  That seems to be her new thing these days.  It's not that she doesn't like the baby food, it's just that she prefers to feed herself "real" foods.  Basically, she'll start to get sick of the pouches if that's all she's eating and girlfriend knows how to get what she wants.  Since I had nothing ready to give her, Tyler was getting home late and it was almost getting to be Ellie's bedtime, I had to give her something to do to keep her occupied while I cooked dinner.  If I'm not setting her up in her highchair with a snack while I get our meal ready, I will let her go to town in the tupperware cabinet.  She unloaded all of these things three times while I cooked some pasta for us to share and she loved every minute of it.  It's kind of a pain to have to pick up afterwards, but so easy to keep an eye on her while we're both busy in the kitchen. :)  I know, first time mom problems over here.

We had a slow morning on Saturday, which is pretty much the norm in this house - breakfast, jammies, and midday baths.  Ellie and I doodled on our chalkboard after she woke up from her nap while I was about to update it for something new.  It was all fun and (dusty) games until she decided to make a piece of chalk her mid-morning snack.

Bath time is still one Ellie's favorite parts of the day, aside from getting her hair rinsed of course.  Girlfriend gets excited from the second she hears the water turn on.  How sweet is she up on her tippy toes watching the tub fill up? :)

Later in the afternoon, we went to out to pick up some groceries and hit up our favorite store!  Yes, Ellie (I) totally brought her purse with her and even into the store.  Now she's currently hoarding one of those $5 gift cards Target gives you when you buy a life's supply of baby food at once in there.  She's going to use it to buy something nice for herself next time we're out and about - she told me so. ;)

As always, Target did not disappoint.  I could seriously spend an hour looking through the dollar section, but refrained as I was afraid my two shopping buddies would quickly lose their patience.  That sweet bunny bucket was $1, and I also grabbed a few of the metal buckets and trays they had for $3 (as well as a few hundred other things).  The pink metal bucket is so cute, I might end up using it as Ellie's Easter basket this year just because I love it so much.  Either way, it'll be the perfect addition to Ellie's room!

I'm a sucker for anything and everything galvanized, so these cute tubs were just calling my name.  You can use them for organizing all around your house, plus they'd be great for entertaining.  We have a similar, larger galvanized bucket that we have used like a cooler for holding drinks and I love it!

As I was throwing a handful of dollar section items in the cart, Tyler asked what I was going to use these for.  Truth is, I had no idea but I knew I would think of something!  We used to have some of Ellie's baby food on our kitchen counter in an old basket we had sitting in our closet, now they look much cuter in this tiny metal tub. ;)

The trays they have look so similar to these ones.  Perhaps not as good quality, but probably just as cute.  I'm hoping to pick up a couple more if they're still around at our next Target outing!  There were also a few cute things in the dollar section that I might be able to use for Ellie's birthday party.  The theme is floral, "botanical boho" if you want to get fancy.  I've had the theme picked out since before she was even born and am taking full advantage of the fact that this very well could be the only birthday I get to pick the theme for.  I have a funny feeling she will want everything Mickey Mouse and be asking everyone to end her party by doing the hotdog dance next year. ;)  Her first birthday party is not going to be anything extravagant; however, if you'd like to see some slightly over-the-top party inspo, you can check out my Pinterest board.  More party planning shenanigans to come soon!

On Sunday, my dad stopped by to see his little girlfriend and bring us bagels in the morning.  Later on, Tyler had a co-worker's birthday party to go to, so Ells and I had a girls day.   We were supposed to do pedicures, but only got as far as a bathroom sink foot soak for Ellie before we decided to head outside instead.  Read: I will only try to paint her nails while she's napping, and she was doing anything but napping so there's always another day for painting piggies. ;)  On an completely unrelated note, those little bottles of Piggy Paint fit perfectly inside of plastic Easter eggs! :)

Tyler snapped these pictures of us when he got home from the party.  He's learned how to rapid fire the shutter like a champ so I'm bound to get at least one "good" photo from the bunch!  I ended up with a few cute ones as well as the one of Ellie looking less than pleased about my kisses, which I might love just as much as the others because it is just so her. She prefers to give kisses rather than receive. :)

You may or may not be able to tell that we are totally twinning here - grey sweatshirts, black leggings and blue camp socks pulled up high. ;)  We might not look alike, but we sure can dress alike! #shegotitfromhermama

Hope you all had a nice weekend! I have a couple posts that I'm looking forward to sharing this week, so stayed tuned! :)

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