Friday, February 26, 2016

Ten Months of Ellia + TGIF

Happy Friday + welcome to the world's longest blog post!  Lots of things to share today - first up, Ellia Summer's ten month update:

Age: Too big ten months
Height: Won't find out until her one year appointment because trying to measure her sounds like a complete joke.
Weight:  Right around 19 pounds according to our scale.
Clothing size: I think we've finally retired all 3-6 month clothing this past month.  She's primarily in 6-12, but her new 12-18 month stuff fits her a little better than I care to admit!  I've been dressing her in anything from 6-12 to 2T these days.  A 2T top works great as a dress, same goes for a smaller dress doubling as a top! :)  I'm all about getting more use out of the clothes that needed to get in my online shopping cart rightthisinstant.
Diaper size: 4
Sleeping:  Up around 5-5:30 am pretty routinely, in bed around 7- 7:30pm.  She still has no real nap schedule, although this week she took one good nap in the morning and another good one in the afternoon.  I could totally get used to that!  As I mentioned a few posts back, she is still waking up a couple times a night but typically will go right back down after we put her paci back in her mouth.  While we don't have any plans to do so at this point, I'm already dreading the day we have to wean her off of her beloved binkies.
Eating:  Anything and everything.  She's probably the least picky eater I've ever seen in terms of liking different things; but, as I also mentioned she will now refuse baby food to get some kind of "real food".  Typically once she feeds herself a little, she will go back and eat her baby food again.  She loves her snacks, and some "big girl" favorites seem to be bananas, raspberries, carrots, pasta (with sauce or mac & cheese), mashed potatoes and pancakes.  I will let her eat pretty much anything with her hands just because she enjoys it more, even if it means I spend half her nap time cleaning mashed potatoes off the highchair/floors/walls to get ready for the next meal.  Bottles are kind of on a day by day basis, but I'd say she averages about 18 oz plus another 6 oz of water.  She loves her straw sippies and I'm so glad we are getting some use out of the reindeer cup that I had to get her at Christmas!

 Slamming sippies of water like it's nothing. ;)

Favorite toys: Still pretty much rotating her toys throughout the day, but a few that she seems to play with more that I haven't already mentioned are her radio, blocks (anything that can be stacked + knocked over) and her push walker.  She also loves to throw balls, and still enjoys her books - touch + feel, any that require us to sing the words, Ten Tiny Toes (pointing to her body parts as we read), and the last page of Little Blue Truck's Christmas are her faves.  More than any toy, she likes to crawl around the house, touching everything that she shouldn't along the way.  I'll be sharing our nine + ten month baby faves next week!
Loves:  Eating/snacks. Being mobile.  Going outside.  The cats.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (the intro + the hot dog dance).  Dancing - she was definitely bopping along to Kenny's "I Go Back" in her highchair the other night... Be still my heart. Her binkies.  The Keurig. Jumping in her crib.  Sorting through anything (bags, baskets, etc.).  When her daddy comes home from work. Anything wild!
Least favorite things:  Socks.  The baby gate (the sound of it closing behind us can bring tears).  The sound of the front door locking (can also bring tears - ??).  Laying down/diaper changes/getting dressed.  Anything that restrains her.  Bedtime.  Being told "no".

Ellie's vocabulary consists of  "mumma" (pretty much everything she wants is "mumma"), the occasional "dada", some other gibberish and lots of random yelling.  She crawls ridiculously fast, loves to cruise around with her push walker, and thinks it's hilarious when she stands on her own.  She gives lots of cuddly hugs + kisses, and still loves being carried around but never "like a baby" on her back.  She loves to wave and waves to herself/reaches when she wants things.  She pulls at her hair and rubs her eyes when she's tired, plus she'll grab our hands and pull them over her eyes/on her forehead.  Her day is made when she wakes up from a nap and her kitties are in bed with her, and she loves chasing them around like a little terror.  She has two teeth on bottom and two that are both about half in on top. She waves her arms back and forth to say "no".  She's also a little rough and will slap you hard across the face a few times like nothing (we're working on that).  Ellie is super wild and super sweet.  She's growing SO much so fast - including her hair.  Giving Ellie her first ponytail is on my weekend to-do list.  I can't believe she will be one in two months!

These monthly white rug photos are getting SO hard to get, guys!  Remember those Ellie outtakes I shared a while back?  Well, add this one to the bunch (actually, maybe all of three of these).  I promise, no babies were harmed in the taking of these photos.

Looking for a previous monthly update?  You can find them here:
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I'm still working on the video I mentioned last week - no surprise there.  I've been busy collecting clips of Ellie being Ellie and can't wait to share a snippet of our girl with you.  I feel like photos don't do her personality justice. :)

Also, an update on my Warby Parker trial since I included them in my last post and last week's Friday Favorites, but never gave an update - I'm still waiting for them to arrive in the mail! They have been in our small state since Monday but now the tracking says they won't arrive until next Tuesday (yes, I'm totally one of those people who checks tracking numbers multiple times a day).  Anyone else wish everything could be shipped UPS instead of USPS?!  We always seem to have the worst luck with the post office at our house.  Insert one million eye roll emojis here. The pair I shared in my last post are the ones I'm guessing I will like the best on, but it's so hard to tell until I see them in person.  Anyway, as soon as I get them I will share my thoughts! :)

Since it's Friday, I figured I'd share some favorites as well as our photos from the week.  My first favorite was getting to spend an extra day home with Ellie.  No complaints over here!

When I searched Amazon for Ellia's radio, this little ride-on hedgehog came up.  I have no idea why it was the second result in the list but I think he's so cute!

Ellie's purple sweatpants?  Also so cute.

Our little unicorn swaddles that we pre-ordered on Black Friday came in the mail and are even prettier in person.  I think Ells will be breaking in the "boy" one I bought, too! ;)

Also, this hat that came in the mail this week as well and I just about died when I put it on her... and then she immediately ripped it off.  Here's to hoping she gets over her hat issue by this Summer so she can rock it with her bikini!

Loving these distressed white jeans for ladies - makes me immediately think of warmer temps!

Speaking of warmer temps, how pretty are these lanterns?  Perfect for your front porch or your own little backyard oasis.

Wishing a very happy ten months to our baby girl +  a happy weekend to all of you!! :)

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