Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend Things + Think Spring!

You know how Memorial Day is considered to be the unofficial start to Summer?  Well, March First is pretty much the unofficial start to Spring.  In my mind, anyway!  We've totally lucked out over here in MA with an overall mild + not-ridiculously-snowy Winter (so far - knock on all the wood!), but are more than ready for all things Spring.  Even the daffodils along our front walkway are starting to pop up already, so here's to hoping the cold weather stays away + Happy Last Day of Winter to you all! ;)

I grabbed this doormat at Target on Saturday to add a little color to our front steps - cute, right?  We usually don't go to Target every week because I tend to buy a few too many things, but were headed right past it to drop Tyler's truck off at the dealer to get some work done on it.  I could totally write an entire post about all of my favorite Target finds (a new weekly feature?? ;) ) but will pick just a few to share today:

1.)  I got Ellie an Easter basket.  I know, enough with the Easter basket talk, lady.  I can't find it online, but it's a white + gold woven Threshold basket that was with the Easter home decor, not the Easter baskets + candy.  Virtual high five if you can picture exactly where I'm talking about in your local Target store.

2.)   Ridiculously cute sippy cups - we picked up the fox + the turtle.  Did anyone else dream of the day when you could buy your baby a new seasonal sippy cup from Target throughout the year?  Not joking in the slightest.  When Tyler suggested she wear her fox socks while using her fox sippy, my mama heart pretty much exploded with one million heart eye emojis.  He totally gets me, guys.

3.)  Pillowfort.  Maybe I'm a little out of the loop, but I had no idea this was the new big (Target) thing until I got home and saw multiple IG posts about it.  We held Ellie up and let her pick out a new "mini pillow" (aka stuffed animal), and she picked out the bear with the floral crown.  She carried it around the entire store and she and her bear (who we named Summer) both got stickers on our way out. :)

4.)  All of the outdoor things.  SO many cute pillows + decor for your outdoor spaces, I could have sat down on one of the chairs and stayed awhile if my shopping buddies would have let me. ;)  I think the seasonal space should consist of either outdoor or Christmas things year-round.  Who's with me?!

 Just casually stopping in the doormat aisle for a quick twinning photo-op. What? You don't do that?

The rest of our Saturday was pretty quiet, aside from the big crib transition that I talked about in my last post.  She did pretty well again last night, other than one wake-up that brought back some early Ellie memories.  But, a bottle, a diaper change, a stroller ride around the house in the dark while singing "ole ole ole ole" repeatedly, and an hour later, she was down in her crib again.  Also, the best part about this whole sleeping in the crib thing?  When 5:15 rolls around, she immediately gets up and starts jumping up and down, rattling the sides of the crib like crazy.  If that doesn't scream "good morning", I don't know what does. ;)

 Mac + cheese coma.

On Sunday, my dad came down again in the morning (he golfs nearby so he loves to stop in on his way down), and then Tyler's younger brother + his sweet girlfriend came over in the afternoon.  Ellie was hamming it up big time for them, and his girlfriend goes to our old high school so I love to hear stories about what's going on there now.  Good times were had by all.  :)

Clearly, I can't handle waiting to break out the summer attire.  Must get this front tie tank in every size so she can have it forever, right?!

Also, YES, my Warby Parker trial pairs came in this weekend (I am wearing them in the photos in this post).  If you don't know about the trial program, you can pick up to five different frames to have shipped to your house for free.  You keep them for five days, so you can really try them out (and maybe wear them to Target even though you can't see shit.  But hey, at least they look cute).  You can either get the frames at a small discount and have your doctor put in the lenses, or scan in your prescription and have your new glasses mailed to you.  I really like a few pairs and think I have narrowed it down to two: the Upton (my favorite) and the Wilkie (Tyler's fave and my runner-up).  Depending on how much my prescription has changed, I may end up getting two pairs to have one as a back-up.  You know, in case the Ellie tornado rolls through or they decide to hide under the pack n play again.  So yes, I would recommend giving it a shot!  I mean, it's free to try so there's really no harm if you don't find a pair you love.

Hope you had the best weekend filled with lots of Spring thoughts + sweet treats! ;)


  1. LOVE your matching outfits! I'm so glad you had a good experience with Warby. I ended up too excited and not being able to wait so I choose 5 to try-on, including Upton and Wilkie, just waiting for them to come in! The ones you have on in the pictures look great!

    1. Thanks, Melissa! I'm sure you will love the glasses! It's so fun being able to really try them out before you commit to a pair. I'd love to hear which ones you end up picking!! :)


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