Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Bunny Babe Bash

Even though it's a little early to be dreaming of Easter egg hunts + festive parties for Ellie to partake in, I have already been thinking of these things for a while now (surprise, surprise).  I'm by no means trying to rush Ellie to grow up, but can't help but be a little excited about what every holiday will be like in just a couple short years.  As with pretty much any holiday thus far, I will definitely plan a little "party" for us, and hope to invite some little friends to join in in future years! :) Of course we want to dye eggs (loving these ombre eggs as well as these gilded eggs) and do an "egg hunt" - which will involve placing plastic eggs a few feet apart out in the open and helping her pick them up.  But, I'm sure if we act excited, she will get a kick out of it! Also, she loves to sort through containers of anything, so she will probably have just as much fun unloading all of her collected eggs right back where she finds them. 

There are tons of ideas + supplies out there, but I've rounded up a few festive finds that will bring a little something extra to your Easter parties this year!
chalkboard signs // berry basket // plastic eggs // bunny balloon kit // ceramic egg crate // cupcake kit set // cookie cutters

I also have to add that we have these cute bunny ears that are both affordable and come in different colors so you could easily pick up a few pairs to have as favors! :)   Unfortunately, Ellie won't let me put them on her so I'm stuck wearing them. ;)

Aside from the usual coloring of eggs + egg hunts, I have been brainstorming some activities our future Bunny Babe Bashes might include.  First off, I came across these fun Easter sundae kits and they totally called my name.  You can't go wrong with ice cream, and the added festiveness just puts them over the top in my book.  A jelly bean taste testing (try doing it blindfolded and guessing which flavors you're tasting!), pin the tail on the bunny, and decorating your own cupcakes or sugar cookies (we love this recipe), are a few other fun + festive ideas!  There are also tons of craft ideas + free Easter printables on Pinterest that kids could color if you're looking for a more low-key (and less messy) activity - theoretically, anyway. :)

In terms of food, aside from desserts we love a good breakfast.  These bunny bum pancakes are super easy to make + really cute (Bunny Babe BRUNCH Bash!). Pair them with a fruit salad for a kid-friendly party meal! :)

I'm also obsessed with these bunny rolls and even though I'm not a coconut fan, I think this cake is adorable.

Do you have any fun Easter party plans?! Or am I the only crazy one? :)

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