Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Easter Sunday Style

 Easter is just over a week away, can you believe it??  I think we can add "what should Ellie wear for her first Easter" to the list of things I spent way too much time thinking about.  Buying a dress that she will only wear once seemed like a silly idea, especially when my Ellia closet wish list is long enough to wrap around the world a few times over.  So, while there are plenty of cute extra frilly baby girl dresses out there, I opted for this one that she can hopefully wear many times over the course of the spring + summer!  In case you're struggling as much as I was with this major life decision, I thought I'd share a few styles that I'm loving for your cutest Easter babes! ;)

For your girls:

For your boys:

Neutrals + pastels take the (Easter style) cake in my book!  I was originally torn about a dress because a crawling baby in one is just bad news.  I was thinking of getting a cute outfit like this for Ellie to wear instead; however, since her new preferred method of transportation is walking, I'm more than happy to put her in a cute dress, cardigan + of course a matching bow!  I'm convinced that if I dressed her for warmer weather, it will be freezing and vice versa, so layers are always a good option.  Also, I am SO obsessed with Old Navy's toddler boy outfits.  If I had a boy, he would without a doubt be wearing a pair of those skinny khakis!! :)

In other Easter news, I think I have finally finished shopping for Ellia's first Easter basket and will share the details soon!  It is also most definitely on the list of things I spent way too much time thinking about, and it feels so good to get it out of the way so I can focus on more of her birthday stuff now. I'm sure one year her birthday and Easter will wind up being on the same day and I'll really go insane.  It's a crazy holiday-obsessed town in my mind, people. ;)

Any who... yay for being over halfway through the week!  Happy hump day, friends!

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