Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend

Happy Easter, everyone! :)

This may have been my favorite holiday yet since Ellie was born.  Yep, it may have even topped Christmas, which is saying a lot.  She seemed to actually enjoy some of the festivities this weekend and it made my heart so happy!  It’s sad to think that this was her last first holiday, but I’m sure they’re only going to get better from here on out. :)

Saturday morning, we colored Easter eggs - all PINK!  Or maybe I should say I colored eggs while Tyler and I took turns chasing Ellie around the house.  Afterwards, Tyler hid plastics eggs all around the yard and we took Ellie out for a little egg hunt!  She wasn't overly excited about the eggs, but loved dragging us around outside.  We planted her "magic jelly beans" at the end of the hunt so they could turn into lollipops overnight. ;) 

First thing Sunday morning, Tyler made pancakes for breakfast and then we let Ellie open her basket.  I was a little surprised to see how much she enjoyed going through it.  She loved the eggs (breaking them open to see what was inside) and the grass (getting herself + her kitty all tangled up in it) the most, but took the time to check out all of the things that the Bunny had brought for her. :)

 How about that grass tail? ;)

The Bunny also brought Ellie a morning snack!  This was the easiest festive snack ever - I just cut the egg carton from the eggs we used for coloring, grabbed a few plastic eggs + threw in an assortment of crunchy foods, fruits + one sweet treat.  Ellie loved digging through the little compartments and taste-testing along the way.  I'm honestly not sure what she liked the most - the raspberries or the five whole seconds I let her suck on the pink Peep. ;)

We all got ready, checked to see if our jelly beans had turned into lollipops overnight (they did!), and headed to my parents' house for the rest of the day.

 dress // bow // cardigan // ears from Target, felt flowers made my me

Ellie was more than spoiled with all kinds of Easter baskets + gifts (including her first tutu!!).  She loved having everyone play with her and loved being the center of attention.  This was the same thing Tyler said about their visit with his family on Friday, so I think Ellie may be out of her "stranger danger" phase! :)  We had lots of good food, good company + beautiful weather.  Ellie even got to go help feed some sheep some carrots! 

We had the best Easter and hope you did too! :)  Now I'm in full on birthday mode for the next month - can you believe it's almost April?!

P.S. Here is Ellia's first picture masterpiece she drew with her new crayons! You bet it's hanging up on our fridge right now. :)

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