Friday, March 25, 2016

Eleven Months of Ellia


Age: Eleven months tomorrow.
Height: Still not sure, but her one year check-up is on her birthday eve so we will find out then!
Weight: About 21 pounds.
Clothing size:  Pretty much the same as last month, but have been mixing more 12-18 month sizes in and her 6-12 month clothes are getting more and more snug. I have been trying to put her in all of my favorite smaller sized clothes (Halloween jammies included) just because I know she'll outgrow them soon and I'll be sad about saying goodbye. ;)  Also, she's currently in a size 3 for shoes.
Diaper size: 4
Sleeping:  Getting closer to sleeping through the night!  Bedtime is usually sometime around 7-7:30 and she's up around 5-5:30. She goes to bed in her crib every night now; however, I'd be lying if I said she didn't usually end up in our bed at some point - even if it's at 4:30 in the morning and we stretch out the morning wake-up with lots of sleepy snuggles.  She wakes up so much more often in her crib than our bed, but it's a definite improvement since this time last month so I'll take it!  Naps are still crazy.  I wish I could find any kind of rhyme or reason to them, but I think her walking has made her want to nap less and less because she just wants to keep moving!
Eating:  Still loves pretty much everything we give her.  She is definitely big on getting to feed herself, but it really doesn't seem to matter what we give her.  Pancakes with raspberries + bananas is her favorite breakfast.  She also loves mac + cheese for lunch or dinner.  My mom gives her homemade mac + cheese, but I'll buy the single serving cups of Annie's and she will eat the entire thing.  Also, Gerber crunchies are a definite favorite snack of hers!  Bottles seem to be gradually becoming less and less as she eats more regular food and drinks more water.  Her pediatrician said we could slowly start mixing in cow's milk with her formula starting at 11 months, so I'm interested to see how that goes!
Favorite toys:  Really anything that is not actually a toy is what she is drawn to most, but one thing I haven't mentioned in any previous posts  that she enjoys is this learning table.  She got it for Christmas and we originally had it set up without the legs so she could sit and play with it, but once she was pulling herself up on everything we set it up so she could stand and play. She really just keeps rotating all of her toys and seems to like to play with pretty much anything. Generally speaking, she's not much of an independent player.  I find that the times she plays best by herself are when she's not playing with toys, like when she's emptying out all of the cat food cans onto the kitchen floor. 
Loves:  Eating. Walking (running!) around. The cats.  Touching everything + putting it in her mouth. Bath time. Being naked. Her binkies (a definite love!). Music + dancing.  Sorting through + climbing in any kind of container she can fit. Being outside. Playing peekaboo with anything that will even partially cover her face.
Least favorite things:  Still is not a fan of the baby gate, the front door shutting or locking, getting her diaper changed and having to sit still + lay down.  She also really doesn't like being told she can't do something or physically being moved away from somewhere we don't want her to be (like standing at the top of the basement stairs). 

This biggest development this month was definitely Ellie starting to walk.  She took her first steps on March 2nd (10 months, 5 days old), and never looked back. ;)  She picked up on it so quickly and has no problem waddling her little way around the house now.  Ellie loves to wave, gives hugs + kisses when asked (when she feels like it), and points to everything she's looking at.  The cats are just her favorite things ever.  We do lots of kitty hunts throughout the day and she always laughs whenever we find them sleeping in a quiet place where they don't think they will be bothered. ;)  Ellie still has four teeth (two on top, two on bottom), but I have a feeling another one or two might be coming soon.  She's a climber and has even made her way on top of our TV stand. I'm sure I won't win mother of the year award for this, but we never used to buckle her in her highchair until recently since she learned she can stand up no problem in it. She's also a tiny bit rough with her hitting + slapping... still working on that. ;)

I really can't believe how fast the last eleven months have gone by!  We're in the homestretch of the first year of her life and it makes me go in the corner and cry a little bit.  Of course it's exciting to see her grow, but it's also sad to think that my baby isn't going to be a tiny baby for much longer (or maybe she's not really so tiny anymore already).  I only have one more of these monthly posts planned - I'm sure they are more for me and my lack of baby book documenting anyway, but I figured I'd probably stop at one year and then move updates every few months instead.  Plus, she's pretty much the star of every post anyway. :)

Happy eleven months, baby girl! We love you! XO

Two things before I go:
1.) Thank you for your response to my last post!  I always love hearing your comments + feedback either on here or otherwise, so thank you, thank you + thank you again!
2.) The swing I mentioned two posts back that I wanted to put in our playroom and didn't think Tyler would go for?  Turns out, he might be more excited about the idea of it than I am and wants to make one big enough to fit an adult.  I should have known seeing as though he might be the biggest big kid I know. ;)

Hope you all have the best Easter weekend with lots of time spent with loved ones + lots of chocolate bunnies! :)

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