Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ellia's First Easter Basket

Today I'm sharing Ellie's Easter basket goodies for anyone who might still be looking for a few things to add to your baby's baskets this year!  A lot of time has been put into this thing, mostly since her age is still kind of tough and I'm sure she will enjoy unloading everything + throwing the grass around the house more than the actual contents. I did have fun putting her basket together though and always love to find cute new things for my girl!

  stuffed bunny // that's not my bunny book // turtle sippy cup // floral kitty ears headband // bows (one, two, three) // tegu blocks // carrot toy // flip flops

A few of her plastic eggs (still available online!) are currently filled with these egg shaped crayons.  I'm also going to fill a few with her favorite snacks the night before so they're fresh, and put a little cash in some - just a few dollars to add to her elephant bank in her room... saving for her first Disney trip many years from now. ;)  

I wanted to keep her basket simple but be sure to include at least a couple things she might actually kind of get a teeny tiny bit excited about.  She loves books so that sweet bunny book was a no brainer.  We both love her adorable straw sippies, and her very first pair of flip flops + the prettiest stuffed bunny I've ever seen were also right there at the top of my shopping list.  The carrot toy was another cute find (because bunnies like carrots, duh), plus I wanted to include some pretty new hair accessories to add to her collection! :)  I was slightly skeptical about those magnetic tegu blocks, but after reading the reviews I was convinced to give them a shot - specifically the review about putting them on the fridge to play with.  I figured any chance I can get to do something (unload the dishwasher, pack my lunch, etc.) while Ellie is occupied in the kitchen without emptying every cabinet is a bonus.  I had originally planned to buy all pink everything for her basket; however, I was inspired by the pretty colored plastic eggs and decided to include all colors of the rainbow plus lots of gold touches! :)

You can find my original post with basket ideas here.  Another small toy that would be great for a baby?  This car that Ellie got for Christmas.  It's small enough to fit in a basket and will probably provide a lot of entertainment for your babe. I highly recommend it. :)

If you have any fun basket fillers, please share!  So excited for the Bunny to come next weekend!!

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