Thursday, March 10, 2016

Life Lately

We've had such gorgeous weather here this week, it really is starting to feel like Spring!  I was feeling all kinds of bad for myself for sitting in a windowless room all day yesterday when there were record-breaking temps going on outside, but when I came home to a cooked dinner and the windows open, it was kind of a reality check and felt like a little breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively).

Miss Ellie has been cracking me up lately in all of the new things she learns, does and enjoys.  She is loving helping me vacuum (so I guess there's no excuse not to do it anymore), thinks playing with leaves in the yard is hilarious, and will sit in a tub of running water for an hour if I let her.  She climbs on everything and loves to sit in her toy basket (arguably her favorite gift from Santa this Christmas).  She is also still crib sleeping, at least part of the night anyway.  Sometimes I still sneak her in bed with us for some of the night, and sometimes I just stare at her on the baby monitor for hours - normal, right?  Ellie also now holds my hand while she walks and pulls me around behind her, stopping along the way to look up at me as if she is trying to show me all of the cool things she does and finds.  Too sweet for words.

I went through Ellie's closet and dresser last weekend to switch things up for the change in seasons and rediscovered that purple-y/blue top (a hand-me-down from Gap) - too cute, right?!  Her leggings that coincidentally matched pretty perfectly can be found here.

I'm on the hunt for a good pair of shoes for Ellie.  I just ordered her a new pair of moccasins, which are cute and pretty versatile as they can be dressed up or down; but, have been finding that most of the shoes in her size are soft-soled and not really the best for walking - you know what I mean?  I am loving the New Balance 574 styles, but can't decide on a color.  They're a little pricey and she will be better dressed than I am (what else is new?), but I think she'll get a lot of use of out them in the upcoming months.  Any recommendations for cute + practical baby footwear are welcome!

I'm also beginning the search for a new "big girl" car seat for Ells.  She can use her current one until she is 30 pounds so she has a ways to go, but I feel like she just looks a little cramped and since we have to buy one eventually, why not look now?  Safety is of course our number one priority, followed by practicality and looks.  Looks didn't quite make it on Tyler's checklist, but it's on mine... I would prefer one that's all or mostly black.  Just being difficult, I know. ;)  Anyway, we want a convertible one that will last her until she's twenty-five or however long kids are supposed to be in car seats these days, so recommendations are welcome if you have one that you love.

I'm dreaming of the weekend, expecting more beautiful weather, lots of family visits + a trip to the playground planned!  I'm dying to put up our hammock again (didn't we just take it down for winter?!), but am a little afraid that the warm weather will go away if we do.  I'm thinking that it might just be a chance we have to take though! ;)  Also, I got a notification from Pandora on my phone this morning to check out the Spring Break Country Radio station.  It sounds like it could be the perfect weekend soundtrack set to some hammocking + grilling out, of course! :)

Hope you're all having a great week!

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