Sunday, March 13, 2016

Our Weekend

We have a couple rainy days ahead of us, but this weekend was pretty perfect so we really can't complain.  Lots of fresh air, hammocking + time spent with family made our weekend lots of fun and all kinds of Spring-y feeling!

After a slow Saturday morning, the three of us headed out to the playground to give Ellie a change of scenery and to enjoy the beautiful weather!  She loved the swings and watching the big kids run around doing all the things she wishes she could do, but most of all she loved sitting on the ground + playing with the rocks.  She even felt the need to hold onto some big ones and I now have a small rock collection sitting at the bottom of my diaper bag.

We headed home for some snacks + cuddles, and then went to my parents' house for dinner.  Have I mentioned that my mom makes the best spaghetti sauce this side of the Atlantic (or maybe the world)?  Because she does, and Ellie definitely agrees! :)

Right after breakfast Sunday morning, Ellie and I packed up a bag with a blanket, some tunes + a bottle and headed out to the hammock!  We logged many hours hammocking last summer, but I couldn't wait to see what Ellie would think of it now since the last time she was on it she was probably only six months old (?!).  This girl never sits still, but we quietly cuddled for about a half hour before she fell asleep in my arms, and it. was. glorious.

After the world's longest nap (time change, maybe??), we got ready and headed back outside for awhile since it was just too nice to spend the day inside.  Tyler's parents came over in the afternoon and we enjoyed a quiet day, relaxing at home.

Also, I know I mentioned a felt flower tutorial this weekend; however, I never quite got around to doing that.  Surprise, surprise.  All of my flowers are self-taught.  I don't measure anything and don't use templates (can't you tell?).  I also only use hot glue to make them.  My mother-in-law brought over a sewing machine back in the Fall so that I can learn at some point, but I haven't gotten around to that yet either!  All that being said, I turned to Pinterest to find a couple tutorials to share instead of trying to explain my methods that may or may not make sense anyway  - check out this one and this one to try it out for yourself!  For the headbands, I just cut the leg of a pair of nude nylons (about an inch or so wide) and glue the flowers on.  For the little arrangements like the bunny ears below, I glue everything to a pipe cleaner so it can be removed and attached to anything under the sun!  I glue from the middle out, flowers first then fill in the leaves after.  For felt, I bought this pack months ago when I was making kitty ears for Halloween and am still picking away at it.  It's not the best quality, but there are tons of pretty colors that are great for playing around with different things if you're just learning like  I am!  One square can make one flower the size below.  I just ordered a ridiculous amount of pink + green felt for Ellie's birthday supplies, so fingers crossed I can turn it into something pretty. ;) 

Hope you had the best weekend! :)


  1. Maybe its the lighting but her hair looks like its getting darker in the pic of her sleeping in her crib?!? Your felt flowers are super cute!!

    1. Thanks, love! Yes, I was thinking the same thing about that picture! It might be the lighting but her hair is definitely getting a little darker the more it fills in haha. I'm guessing it will end up being light brown and turn blonder in the summer with all of the sun. :)


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