Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Rainy Day Fun

Two rainy days in a row meant we had to get a little creative in order to not go insane be completely bored out of our minds.  We always try to get outside every day, unless it's absolutely freezing out or pouring, so we did manage to squeeze in a couple quick outside adventures when the rain let up a bit.  One trip to the mailbox led to an even bigger adventure when as soon as we got back inside I realized that my child who went out the door with two boots on came back with one boot + one bare foot.  She's seriously such a ninja with her shoes lately!  Anyway...

On Monday we made a fort in the kitchen which kept Ells busy for a little while at least.  It wasn't quite as elaborate as her daddy's forts, but we piled in some of her stuffed animal friends (and real ones too) and she had fun crawling in the front and out the back.

 Most of all she loved the silly strand of fairy lights I got from the Target dollar section that I used to decorate her chalkboard sign.  The chalkboard sign that she immediately smudged the second I finished writing it.

Ellie is completely infatuated with the idea of going down the basement lately.  It has to be one of those things that she wants just because she can't (always) have, because there is absolutely nothing fun down there.  However, because there is really not much to do upstairs after we've played with every toy and read every book in the house, we took a few (hundred) trips up + down the basement stairs.  Ells loves to turn the knobs on the washer and dryer, and we went on a few "bear hunts" (i.e. looking for our cat who we nicknamed "Bear" - he likes to sleep in the basement, likely so he doesn't get clobbered by an Ellie during his nap time. So sorry, Bear.).  We also found a kickball + gave it a "bath" so that we could play with it upstairs, brought up her sled and pulled her around the living room, played a few rounds of K-cups, did a little bit of sweeping, and did lots of running around.  It's been cracking me up to look over and see Ellie literally get up and walk away from me.  She's really like a tiny human now and it's too cute to handle.


 Last night, Tyler called me out on thinking of a reason to have a "party" at least once a week.  Well, today Ellie and I had a mini St. Patrick's Day "party".  I am not Irish (I know, everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day - yeah, except not really) and have never really been into the holiday, but there's a small chance Ellie is part Irish (something about a birth certificate for the same relative in three different countries...??), so I thought we'd do a little something to celebrate!  Some rainbow colored fruit in a ceramic egg crate made for a cute + festive snack.  It also proves that St. Patrick's Day food doesn't have to be all about green beer + Lucky Charms covered everything... although, I really wouldn't have minded either of those this afternoon.

Ellie wore her prettiest green bow, just to add a little St. Patrick's Day flair without looking like a leprechaun. Well, she wore it most of the time - she's also a ninja with her bows lately (insert eye roll emoji here).

Ellia is more than keeping me on my toes these days - I think this is the first time I've sat down for longer an a minute or two all day long except for snuggling her during her nap this morning.  Lucky for her babysitters, the forecast looks pretty clear for the rest of the week so they can hopefully get some fresh air and let the girl be wild + free like she wants to be! ;)

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