Monday, March 7, 2016

Springtime Sleepwear

In case you haven't realized this already, jammies are big at our house.  We spend as much time in them as possible, and since we are the biggest homebodies this side of the Atlantic, we get a lot of use out of them.  For that reason, I don't feel so bad spending money on the cutest jams I can find for Ellie.  I recently snagged a couple pairs of 12-18 month pjs for Ells since she is will soon outgrow her 6-12 month ones, and am loving seeing some Spring + Summery jams out on the virtual shelves!  While I'm sure she will be spending a good portion of the Summer sleeping in her diaper (no a/c over here), I'll be looking for a few cute pairs to get us through the Spring + beginning of the warmer months!  What's better than a new pair of jammies, you ask?  Other than not much, how about a new pair of jammies + a coordinating book?  I love anything color coordinated or themed (bonus if it's both!), so here are some jams + books that I think would make a good match!

flamingo book + jams // sunshine book + jams // ice cream book + jams // mermaid book + jams // floral book + jams // spring book + jams

Flora and the Flamingo is such a pretty book, but if you don't know already, there are no words - I'm sure you could add your own narrative though! ;)  We also have Izzy the Ice Cream Fairy, which is a really cute book and totally makes me want to go live in Ice Cream Land (sprinkles falling from the sky?! Count me in!).  That Eric Carle book will be making Ellie's birthday gift list for sure!  It includes seeded paper so you can plant (and hopefully grow) your own little flower - so cool, right?  Ells and I are going to attempt to grow a very small flower garden this Spring so I think it'll be the perfect addition. :)

Since I don't share many boy things on here, I thought it'd be fun to I round up a few books + jams for boys too!

Saturday book + jams // diggers book + jams // dinosaur book + jams // snacker book + jams

The Saturday + pancake combo might seem like a stretch, but since we're big on weekend breakfasts in this house, it made sense to me!  Also, if they made those midnight snacker jammies in men's sizes, I would buy them for Tyler because they describe him pretty perfectly. ;)

We're always reading books, and one of Ellie's favorites lately is definitely this nursery rhymes book.  We read it easily a half a dozen times a day.  She will even come climb up on my lap and sit calmly while I rap a mean "hey diddle diddle". ;)

Any fun book (or jammie!) recommendations?  I'd love to hear.  Happy shopping + happy reading!  Sweet dreams, friends! :)


  1. Love this. Isla might need those mermaid jammies..she's a big fan of mermaids lately ;) & Weston got those digger ones for Christmas & they just about don't fit..makes me sad because they are adorable! The midnight snacker ones are pretty awesome ;) You are the cutest mama with your coordination skills <3

    1. Haha thank you! I love those mermaid ones! So cute and especially perfect for summer. They are on Ellie's wish list as well. ;) And those digger pjs were my favorite out of all the boy ones I saw! Weston has good taste. :)

  2. This is too cute!! Love this post!! We definitely need a couple of those jammies!!

    1. Thank you!! I know, I am majorly obsessed with shopping for my daughter! Way too much cuteness. I'm sure you can relate. :)


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