Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Trip to the Zoo

This past weekend, we took Ellie to the zoo for the first time!   Surprisingly enough, we have two zoos nearby to choose from.  After multiple people's recommendations, we ended up taking her to Roger Williams Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island this time.  There is a lot to see, but it doesn’t seem overwhelmingly large which seemed especially perfect for younger children.  Everything looked clean and well-maintained, it was easy to navigate and it didn’t start to seem crowded until we were on our way out (on a Sunday afternoon).  Ellie is a huge animal lover, so we knew the zoo would be a hit.  Our neighbors have goats that she goes bonkers for whenever she sees them, so it was no surprise that the farmyard was her favorite part of the whole zoo... possibly also because it was the only place I let her roam free a little bit. ;)  We brought her stroller but ended up taking turns carrying her around because we didn’t think she could get a good glimpse of the animals sitting down there.  She lasted almost two hours before she showed signs that she was going to lose it, so we just kept walking around the path in the direction we were headed so we could quickly see some different animals on our way out.  

We would definitely bring Ellie back there again and would recommend it to anyone who's local or local enough to make a day trip out of it!  It was relatively cheap for Tyler and I to get in, it completely tired Ells out, she had fun and we even got a little exercise + plenty of fresh air walking around.  If she was still going strong, I wanted to take her to the Carousel Village on our way out, but maybe next time! :)


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