Thursday, April 21, 2016

Baby Faves: Eleven + Twelve Months

At first I thought this post was going to be hard to write since we're still using a lot of the things I've shared in prior months posts; but once I got to thinking, I had to try to narrow this list down!  So without further ado, here some new + different baby faves we've been loving lately:

Nikes – I struggled to pick just one pair of sneakers for Ellie, but am glad I ended up with these ones (we have different ones that I can't seem to find anywhere anymore, but these are very similar).  They’re easy to get on and off her little feet, but they also stay on her really well.  She has no problem walking with them on and they’re really sturdy which is great for exploring outside.  She now knows what it means when we pull out her socks and shoes, so she’ll sit down and let us put them on her as patiently as she can before we head outside – so cute!

"Moo" book – One thing that seems to be entertaining Ellie for longer and longer periods of time lately is reading books.  She has many in her little library that she seems to enjoy, but her Moo book is one she's been taking out to read a lot lately... A LOT.  It's actually a really cool book with pages that pop out and has a couple interactive pages.  It's probably actually good for kids who are a little older - if your babies are anything like Ellie, they might just rip the pop out animals right off the pages. ;)  We got this book as a gift when Ellie was born, but it looks like there are also dog and cat versions, so I'm filing those away for future gift ideas! :)

Glitter tote – This tote was part of Ellie's Valentine's Day gift this year.  We bring it to the store with us (like crazy people) and always pack some snacks, a sippy cup and a couple small toys.  It's nice to put a few things in her own bag and it makes my diaper bag a little less cluttered... and so it can actually zip shut!  It’s also nice to throw some stuff in it and bring it outside with us, which makes it easy to carry everything back and forth.  Really anything that Ellie can sort through is great, but the cuteness of her carrying this little bag around wins in my book! ;)  It does come with a small charm on one of the straps, but Tyler cut it off so we didn't have to worry about it being a potential choking hazard. :)  Also, if you happen to read this tonight, you can get it for 30% off using code TIMETOSHOP!!

Crunchies – Ells is a crunchie addict and no flavor seems to disappoint her.  I’m working on an updated “Feeding an Ellie” post and will share more favorite snacks + meals soon!

Radio – Ellie got this as a Christmas gift, but has really been loving it the past couple months!  She likes to carry it around the house with her and it’s always one of the toys we pack for car rides.  She seriously lights up when we turn it on and will come running to us to get it.

Whale spout cover – We just started letting Ellie take baths in the “big girl tub” over the past couple months after using her baby tub or kitchen sink for the longest time.  She immediately gravitates towards the spout (and tries to drink the water of course), so a cover is a must!  Ellie seems to think the whale is pretty entertaining, which is a bonus.  Tubby time is an Ellie favorite and we’ve been doing two baths a day just for fun... plus, something about sleeping in a diaper for ten hours straight and  mac + cheese in her hair post-dinner makes a bath in the morning and one before bed just make sense.

She’s also recently been liking her stuffed animals more, and will hug them, tackle them and carry them around with her.  I think she loves her ostrich + flamingo because she can easily carry them around by their necks (haha), but she also really loves a big stuffed bunny that her great auntie got her for Easter!  Her feathered friends that end up in many photos are both from Anthropologie but are no longer available.  I found similar-ish ones here and here (matching bloomers for baby?!), but am also loving this sweet llama!!  I love buying stuffed animals so I’m glad she’s finally enjoying them too. :)

As always, Ellie tends to enjoy things that aren't actually meant for babies best most of the time - cans of cat food, plastic mixing bowls/plates/cups, toothpaste tubes and laundry baskets included. Also, she is still playing with her plastic Easter eggs and I'm sure I'll still be finding them scattered throughout the house three months from now.

One more day of work and we'll be enjoying my baby girl's last weekend before she turns one (feeling all the feels)!  Tyler is off for an extended long weekend with us and we have lots of celebrating + party prep to do. :)  Have a good weekend, everyone!

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