Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happiest Friday, friends!!

My first favorite this week is, as simple as it may sound, Ellie taking naps.  Like, actual 1.5-2 hour naps.  Multiple times this week.  In her crib.  Total. game. changer.  I showered, did my makeup, cleaned the bathroom, folded laundry, scrubbed the kitchen floor, gave my cat a little haircut, sleep-stalked and perused Pinterest - all while she napped. SO crazy.  I sure hope this napping business is here to stay. Of course, this means she has also been a slight nightmare to put to bed some nights, but you can't have everything I guess...

Miss Ellie's party is two weeks from tomorrow so I've been busy trying to nail down some final details (read: all the details).  I'm still working on picking up some supplies, but found these candles that I love!  The different shades of pink are really pretty and the 24 pack will last forever.

Jammies for your little ladies - obsessed with this pair and this pair that both scream Summer!

Also obsessed with this pair of shorts for ladies. The lace trim is just too cute.

For any of you who are as crazy about Target as I am, this shirt is perfect!

may have finally convinced Tyler that wallpapering an accent wall in Ellie's new room is a good idea.  I currently have all the heart eyes for this pattern, but am still keeping my options open. ;)  Pink floral patterns and perhaps a Rifle Paper Co.-esq vibe is what I'm looking for.

At what point can little girls wear necklaces?  These ones are so sweet... and I might have put one of mine on Ellie earlier this week (as evidenced in a photo below).

If you're looking for a new dinner to try, we've been making this BBQ turkey chili almost every week and it's the bomb dot com.  Here's how we make ours - a double batch so we can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for four days straight:

-2 lbs lean ground turkey
-2 sixteen oz cans pinto beans, undrained
-2 green peppers, chopped
-1 onion, chopped
-4 eight oz cans Hunt's tomato sauce
-2 McCormick's Smoky BBQ chili seasoning packets

Brown the turkey on stovetop, draining grease periodically.  Stir in seasoning packets + tomato sauce.  Add pinto beans, peppers + onion. Stir, cover + let simmer for about 25 minutes.  Since the turkey will be fully cooked at this point, it's really your preference on cook time, but you want to cook it long enough to soften the veggies + beans.

It's best enjoyed with crumbled up tortilla chips on top (or in every bite if you're talking about my bowl), and we LOVE the Tostitos Cantina Chipotle Thins.  The flavors mix really well with the chili and it adds a little bit of spice without being over the top burning your mouth spicy.  You could also definitely use ground beef instead of turkey in this recipe, but we just use turkey for almost everything in our house.

Lastly, in case you missed it on Instagram (@linleynoel), Ellia is officially part of the Isla Ann Inspirations team and you can use code ELLIA15 for 15% off your orders for the next THREE MONTHS! You know I can't say enough good things about these sweet little bows, so get shopping! :)

Also... we're wishing a very Happy First Birthday to Ellie's long distance boyfriend, Weston today! Sending lots of hugs + crunchies from MA to CA!

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