Friday, April 1, 2016

Hello, April!

The first of a month always feels like a mini new start with a little bit of a four-ish week blank slate ahead!  My least favorite time of the year is officially over (although it really was actually pretty nice  for multiple reasons this year), and this month is of course going to be a big one for us.  Lots of things to look forward to + fun things ahead! :)

Ellie wearing her new tutu was easily the cutest thing I saw all week. She may end up being the biggest tomboy ever, and that would be totally fine, but for now I will have fun dressing her in tutus + glitter kitty crowns.  Because, YOLO and YMOHOG (you might only have one girl). ;)

Ellie's kisses captured on camera in the bottom left.  Heart eyes for days!!


I'm just going to ignore the fact that I see little snowflake signs in my ten day forecast and talk Spring style for a second.  I'm a huge sucker for a good sale, so add that with knowing that I actually will need to buy clothes for Ellie in bigger sizes, and I tend to get a little online shopping happy.  I snagged a few things while they were 40% off this week, including this top and this dress that I can't wait to put her in!  I also got her some new sneakers that she's already gotten a lot of use out of and she looks ridiculously adorable running around the yard in.  Who knew babies wearing sneakers could look so cute?!  Totally like mini people... which I guess is technically who they are.  In terms of some mama Spring style, these shorts look perfect for hanging around the house with Ellie and have been added to my closet wish list!  Also, this ice cream tee... because, ice cream.

In other news, I started working on some decorations and hope to make some significant progress this weekend!  I decided to make some things myself instead of buying them in an attempt to save a little cash.  I loved the idea of using real flowers, but hated that I'd have to do everything so last minute to keep them fresh. Plus, it's not very cost effective, especially because they're a one time use kind of thing.  I also looked into faux flowers, but those were surprisingly not very cheap either once I started adding them all up.  I'm still deciding if DIY was a good idea or not (as I sat in bed covered in a blanket of felt, glue gun in hand, while Tyler was snoring away next to me at 11 pm the other night), but for now I'm having fun with it. The first thing I'm working on is a balloon tail, but I have a few projects in mind and will sure to share any successes I have!  Sorry if you're already sick of hearing about Ellie's birthday - buckle up, it's going to be a long month. ;)

Continuing with this collection of random thoughts, I spotted a small selection of Little Unicorn items that are sold out on their website available here! If you love their swaddles, I'd highly recommend a quilt as your baby grows!  I'm loving the one I got for Ellie (although I still sneak in her room and take it off her before I head to bed every night), and totally wish they made them a little bit bigger so I could get one or five for myself.

I hope you have a very happy + relaxing weekend ahead!  Adult beverages, pancakes + sleeping in at all included. Not necessarily in that order. ;)

P.S. This Sunday marks our twelve year dating anniversary!  If you had told me back in 2004 that this is where we'd be today, I'm sure I would have thought you were completely crazy, but I wouldn't trade our life together for the world. :) Wishing a Happy Anniversary to my best friend + partner in everything! XO 

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