Monday, April 4, 2016

Our Weekend

We had a quiet but productive weekend over here.  Well, mostly Tyler was productive while I chased Ellie around the house; but nonetheless, a lot of stuff got done that we've been meaning to do.  We're trying to work on some organization and de-cluttering... it's seriously amazing how much stuff a few people can accumulate over time (i.e. how did I end up with twenty bottles of face wash sitting in our bathroom closet?!). 

We kicked off our weekend with some hammock-ing  + football in the yard, did our usual Saturday shopping, and ended with a jammie day at home in the snow.  Don't worry though, Ellie still managed to fit in a quick hammie session all bundled up in her snowsuit on Sunday! ;)  Sweatshirt weather one night and snowsuits two days later.  Typical New England weather, right?  I feel bad for our little flowers that already bloomed but was kind of happy to get what was hopefully one last use out of Ellie's snowsuit!

How sweet is the photo evolution of Tyler reading to Ellie?  Her attention span isn't long for book-reading but a little "hey diddle diddle" can make her want to drop it like it's hot like crazy.  She's been quite the little dancer these days!

I'm totally obsessed with both Ellie's hair clip look on Sunday, and her copper bow on Saturday - the bow is felt so it's still so soft even though it's metallic! Cool, right?  Also, why does Ellie always dress cuter than I do?! ;)

On a somewhat random note, Ellie usually hates sitting in the shopping cart so I end up carrying her around the store while Tyler pushes it... like she will cry/whine/start to cause a little scene after five minutes if we don't take her out.  I know that probably sounds silly (and a little bit like learn to control your child, lady), but I don't think it's fair to make  other shoppers listen to that.  Well, she sat in the cart quietly all the way through the whole store on Saturday and I couldn't believe it.  Maybe she's growing up a little?!  Or maybe it was the ridiculously cute ICE CREAM STRAW SIPPY CUP we found that kept her quiet (#targetdoesitagain).  We won't know until we try, so I'm envisioning lots of mama + Ellie shopping trips in the near future... with her glitter purse in tow, of course. ;)

Hope you all had the best weekend! :)


  1. We dropped Lola off and her Nana and Papas and did major Spring declutter/cleaning. Our bathrooms closest were the WORST! I found 12 brand new bath and body 3-wick candles. Where does all this crap come from? Also, we got snow all weekend. #wheresspring?

    As always, Ellie is adorable and I just love her little smile and outfits!

    1. Thanks, Shannon! Glad to hear we're not alone. I felt a little bit like we should be on an episode of hoarders when I saw all the stuff we actually had in there! Haha


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