Sunday, April 10, 2016

Our Weekend

This is one of the first weekends in a long time where I don't have a massive overload of photos to go through and share... probably because I was too busy sharing pictures + videos of silly things on Snapchat.  A little obsessed.  I'm actually kind of sad I don't have more to share on here, so I'll be back to my normal picture-taking self tomorrow! ;)

Even though it wasn't super warm out, the sun was shining almost the entire weekend and all of the snow had melted from all of the rain we had late last week. On Saturday after our usual CMT music video dance & tea party sesh, Ellie and I went to my friend's bridal shower who's getting married in June.  I'm so sad I didn't even get a photo with the bride-to-be, but she looked gorgeous and the whole shower was beautiful.  Karissa is someone who I don't get to see a ton, but we talk at least a few times a week and it was so nice just getting to see her! :)  Ellie surprised me at how well she did at the shower especially since she was surrounded by pretty much all strangers.  She had a super quick cry when we first walked in, but sat pretty calmly for almost a couple hours and was busy making some new friends before she starting getting antsy so we packed up and headed home - I'm counting it as a success!  Afterwards, we just relaxed, ordered pizza for dinner + hung out in our jammies.

mint bow // dress from Old Navy last Fall // tights // moccs

Sunday morning we did our weekly grocery shopping run, and if we had not stopped at Dunkin's on the way there, would have been at Target before 10 a.m. - it's pretty much unheard for us to get our act together + out of the house that early these days!  Tyler's brother and girlfriend came over for a little bit in the afternoon, and we finished out our weekend with tacos, homemade guac, and trying to re-learn the macarena.  


yellow sailor bow // cardigan // top old from Gap // leggings

Between Target and some online shopping, I ended up finishing buying Ellie's birthday gifts this weekend as well.  Of course I purchased a couple more things than I had planned, although I kind of planned that I would do that (if that makes sense), but it feels good to get that checked off my to-do list!  I also ordered myself the ridiculous, giant flamingo pool float I talked about last week.  If you're looking to purchase it yourself, I used coupon code JETSETTER for 10% off but couldn't find an expiration date.... so, run!  For any of my family members who are reading this, I will totally be bringing my new flamingo friend to our cookouts this summer if I can find a way to transport her, so get ready for a good time! ;)

Ellie was pretty grumpy this afternoon, and I'm guessing it's because she is cutting at least a couple teeth.  She hates when we try to look in her mouth, but I saw one on top that's definitely coming through plus a possible one or two on bottom when I got her laughing by tickling her. ;)  Some teething biscuits, a popsicle + a little Motrin right before bed and we're hoping we start our Monday off on the right foot tomorrow morning! :)

Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend - they always go by way too fast, don't they?!

P.S. Happy National Siblings Day to my sister + BFF! Love you and your crazy self to the moon and back.

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