Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring Bucket List

With an almost one year old, Spring time feels very different compared to where we were about this time last year (nine months pregnant or with a non-sleeping newborn).  That being said, I've been trying to think of a few fun things that we can do with Ellie this season.  She loves being outside, loves being anywhere out of the house, and loves to run around.  Walking is obviously a total game changer (although it does have both it's good + bad things about it).  Here are a few activities I've come up with that I think will be Ellie approved:

1.) Go to the zoo.
2.) Have a backyard fire + make s'mores.
3.)  Sidewalk chalk + bubbles (a few hundred times).
4.) Go to the playground.
5.)  Have a picnic.
6.) Plant some flowers.
7.) Visit a farmer's market.
8.)  Read books under the lights on the hammock (bundled up under five million blankets + coated in a can of bug spray).
9.)  Have a Memorial Day cookout.
10.) Deep Spring clean the house (not Ellie approved, but completely necessary).

Of course this does not include any of Ellie's birthday festivities, which we are obviously very excited about.  I really want to do something she'll actually enjoy on her birthday, and am thinking a trip to the zoo would be perfect!  Although, she'd probably be equally content if her birthday was spent digging through pebbles in the driveway or acorns in the yard...

We have a binky in the mouth at all times while touching small objects outside policy around here.

Now, if only we could ditch the puffy winter coat for good, we'd really be in business! :)  If you have any recommendations for fun activities for a one year old, I'd love to hear!  Cabin fever is very real and might be even worse with a little girl who loves to run as fast as she can from one end of the house to the other, tripping, falling + hitting her head on a chair on the way down (hence the bruise).  Oy.  Why do I have a funny feeling this is just the very beginning of these shenanigans? If and when we have that backyard fire, there will be a no Ellie walking by herself within a fifty foot radius of the fire rule. ;)

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