Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Favorites + Photos

Yay for Friday! :)  We had some beautiful weather here this week - lots of time spent playing outside with Ellie and so nice to come home to open windows and plenty of fresh air after work. 

With warmer spring weather comes even more cute clothes and, as usual, Gap did not disappoint - really loving this pullover crew for boys that I would totally buy for Ellie.  For items actually in the girls section, I'm obsessed with these sandals that I wish came in my size and this dress... but really everything is so cute so go check it out for yourself! ;)

For ladies, I'm loving this shift dress.  Chambray is so versatile and something I always gravitate towards for both Ellie and I! It seems like tassels are everywhere this season and I really like this necklace.  I also spotted this romper that is really cute and looks like it'd be pretty flattering.  I still haven't tried a romper yet but am very tempted, just not sure I'm brave enough. ;)

These flamingo balloons are adorable and would be the perfect addition to your flamingo fiesta!

I found these retro fans at my local Home Goods when I was there forever last week, and picked up a coral colored one for Ellie's room.  I needed to get a fan for her room anyway since she's actually sleeping in there now - this one is so cute and the price was right at $29!

 If you're a Stop & Shop shopper who happens to enjoy Oreos, you must try the chocolate creme cookie spread.  Found in the peanut butter aisle and sure to not disappoint! ;)  It's so good on fruit, waffles or just by the spoonful.  I already told Tyler this is not going to be on our grocery list on a regular basis because it's just too good and so, so bad for you. 

In recent Ellie news, in addition to sleeping through the night(!!!), she just learned how to take her own diaper off which has been interesting to say the least.  The first time she peed on the floor (surprise, surprise) and another time she took it off immediately after pooping.  Luckily we caught her right away before any messes were made.  So, if you see her on Snapchat with just pants on but no shirt, it's probably because she would otherwise normally be running around in her diaper but clearly can't handle the responsibility right now... or needs to be watched like hawk. Always keeping our hands (and hearts) so full! ;)

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!! :)

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