Friday, May 20, 2016

Life Lately

Happy Friday, friends!!

We are very much looking forward to a low key weekend over here.  Between Ellie's birthday festivities, Mother's Day and various other fun happenings, the past month or so has been pretty busy for us.  We don't have much planned this weekend other than hopefully continuing to do some work around the house to get ready to sell! It's funny how even the littlest projects can seemingly take forever with a tiny helper on our hands. :)  Now, if only I could get said tiny helper to sleep past 5:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, we'd really be in business! ;)  I am also hoping our weekend involves sunshine, ice cream, waffles + a glass or two of wine.

In other news, we have a few fun collaborations coming up and can't wait to share some awesome products with you!  If you are interested in working with us, or maybe you know someone who might be, I'd love to hear from you - check out my contact page for more info!  I also have a little blog facelift planned + more post ideas than I do free time; so, regardless of whether you're new here or a regular reader, I hope you stick around!  As always, thanks for stopping by + I hope you have a great weekend! XO

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  1. The executive chef here was a genuinely nice person and never made us feel like we were just "business" for him. He was extremely competent and organized. Because of the natural beauty of the LA venues, we were able to get away with very minimal decorations.


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