Thursday, May 26, 2016

One is Fun.

Miss Ellie is thirteen months old today and I really can't believe it's been a month since her birthday!  I know I've been saying this for at least the past six months, but every new age seems to be my new favorite and one year old is certainly no exception!  I'm definitely not trying to rush Ellie into growing up or anything crazy like that, but watching her grow, learn and her personality blossom might just be my most favorite thing ever.  

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Girlfriend is always making us laugh.  She's got some mean dance moves and can't help but bust a move anytime she hears some music... or even when she knows it's coming! ;)  Ellie also loves to imitate us.  The other night when I was vacuuming, she went and got her little push popper toy and started "vacuuming" along beside me.  I almost died of the cuteness.  She's always willing to help in any way she can - she loves to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer and even picks up her headbands and puts them back in the jar after we pick one out in the morning.  Speaking of picking things out, Ellie helps me pick out her clothes and shoes for the day too! She's got pretty good taste, no? ;)

Ellie is my little sidekick and always attached to my hip.  I swear she likes being held more these days than she did when she was a tiny baby!  She loves animals - she goes bonkers over the goats across the street and absolutely adores our kitties.  She loves to play tag and loves to run anywhere we let her.  She also walks backwards and plops down on our laps to read a book or have a snack (and she never turns down a snack).  My favorite thing that she does though is definitely when she gives us hugs and kisses! SO. MUCH. CUTENESS.  Ells is super affectionate and there really isn't anything better.

Of course she also has a mean temper and throws a mini tantrum when we don't let her tumble down the stairs into the basement or take away the rocks she's about to eat; but, all of the goodness trumps the tantrums ten million times over.

One has already been so much fun and I cannot wait to see what's to come in the future... dare I say I can't wait until she can really talk?! ;)


  1. She is the sweetest! Her face in that last photo--kills me!! Also glad we aren't the only ones dealing with the little tantrums when a certain someone doesn't get what they want!!

  2. Haha I know, thank you! And no, definitely not - the littlest things set her off and sometimes it's hard not to laugh lol


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