Monday, May 16, 2016

Our Weekend

This weekend totally flew by.  On Saturday, I went to my friend Karissa's bachelorette party.  Her bridesmaids planned an awesome day and I had so much fun!  I almost never go get my nails done so I was really looking forward to a mani/pedi, and it definitely left me wondering why I don't go do it more often. ;)  The ladies really thought of everything to make the day special for Karissa.  We all had matching t-shirts, there were silly photo props, lots of snacks + mimosas.  Also, how cute are these little gift bags that we all got with some of her favorite things (nail polish, chapstick, gum, etc.)?!  Such a fun idea!

Karissa's and Jack's wedding hashtag is #karissahitthejackpot - SO cute, right?!

We also went a wine tasting at the cutest vineyard ever.  It was such a sweet place in the middle of nowhere - of course I loved it and am already planning to go back with Tyler.  If you're local and looking for a budget-friendly wine tasting, I'd definitely recommend checking it out.  It'd be perfect for a girls day or daytime date - taste a few wines, grab a bottle of your favorite and sit outside for a couple hours + relax.  I'm not a huge wine drinker by any means so I didn't expect to want to leave the place with an entire case of wine, but this stuff is SO good.  My favorites were the blackberry and the cran apple!  They taste like liquid candy and go down so easily... perhaps you gathered that from my snaps Saturday night. :)  Yes, I was totally having a dance party for one while Tyler was in the bathroom.

SO excited for the wedding in less than three weeks!!! 

Sunday we had a pretty quiet day at home.  Tyler did some yard work while Ellie and I supervised and played catch-up on some girl time. :)  I'm loving all the green that's popping up outside but not loving the ticks.  They're crazy here and therefore driving me crazy... currently contemplating putting Ellie in a bubble every time we go out to play. ;)

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

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