Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ellie Eats // Finger Foods, Mini Meals + Lots of Messes

It's been a long time since my first post like this, so I thought it was time to give a little update on what Ellie's been eating these days!

Ellie is now thirteen months old and still a champ eater - well, when she wants to sit down and take a break from climbing the furniture she is anyway. ;)  There isn't much that she doesn't like, but here are some of the things she frequently eats now or has during the past few months:

It has literally taken me months to collect a few not-so-great meal photos.  I usually feed Ellie in waves (i.e. set her up with her fruit while I cook some eggs) because it's just easier, so these are the best I could round up from my camera roll.

Breakfast // Toast, waffles, English muffins, pancakes, scrambled eggs, multi-grain Cheerios, Plum Organics granola bars, lots of fruits (bananas + raspberries are her favorite - two whole bananas a day and a container of raspberries is gone in three). She also loves sharing my rice cakes with yogurt, and anything else we might be eating that's not on her plate. Sometimes I will give her the Plum Organics "Mornings" oatmeal pouches too but she'll usually only eat them if I make it super thick.

Lunch + Dinner // Grilled cheese, quesadillas (whole grain tortillas with Mexican blend cheese or a "pizzadilla"), mac + cheese (Annie's, Gerber or homemade), pasta with sauce, turkey meatloaf muffins, mashed or roasted potatoes, steamed carrots (and whatever veggies we're eating), chicken + rice.

Snacks // Yogurt, more fruit, graham crackers (completely obsessed lately), yogurt melts, puffs, crunchies, string cheese, granola bars.

Basically, lots of carbs, cheese and fruit.  I will also add that I typically will offer her a food pouch with every meal to make sure she's getting enough veggies in there!  We're still buying Plum Organics and Ellie really seems to enjoy them.  I would say she averages a pouch a day, sometimes two.  The pouches are also super convenient on the go, and she almost always downs one or two on the ride home from a grocery trip!

We do a lot of breakfast for lunch + dinner, and her meals are generally a smorgasbord of whatever I can pull together as quickly as possible.  Also, while some of them do sketch me out a bit, Ellie really likes the Gerber meals from the baby food aisle.  She especially loves the cheese + spinach ravioli that smells completely disgusting.  I've really only gotten the pasta meals, but I do have to say that I loved how tender everything was when Ellie first started eating more table food.  It made me a little bit less crazy about worrying about her choking... just a little bit. ;)

Ellie really doesn't eat much meat.  If she does, it's generally shredded chicken or ground turkey from whatever we're having.  Ellie eats dinner around 5:00 and Tyler + I usually don't end up eating until 6:30 or so on weeknights, but she'll pick at whatever we're eating (dinner round two of course), and that is when she will typically eat a little meat.

We've been giving her peanut butter since she was around eight months old and have never had an issue.  I know the thought of a peanut allergy (or really any food allergy) is a big concern to some people; but in talking to Ellie's pediatrician, the only food other than obvious choking hazards that she shouldn't have been given before turning one was honey.  Of course everyone's different so definitely talk to your pediatrician if you're concerned about it!

In terms of drinks, she only gets either water or milk.  She did a gradual transition to whole milk and it was pretty seamless.  Most of her bottles of formula were given to her cold anyway because we'd make an entire eight ounce bottle and she'd only drink a little bit at a time, so I don't think it even phased her being switched to 100% cold milk.  Her milk consumption varies from day-to-day, but I'd say she drinks one eight ounce bottle during daylight hours and one at night.  If she doesn't get up for a bottle overnight (or when I try to bribe her into going back to sleep at 5 a.m.), I'll fill her sippy cup with milk for breakfast to make sure she gets a little more in.  Girlfriend drinks a lot of water and I really don't measure it out, but I'd guess another twelve-ish ounces a day? Total guess right there, but between her sippy cups and our water bottles, it wouldn't surprise me if it was more than that.

We will really give anything Ellie is willing to try... so really anything.  She shoveled salsa in her mouth by the handful the other night, cried when I took away the lemon slice she was sucking on, takes massive bites of our sandwiches, and has a big sweet tooth like both of her parents (hello, ice cream, cake, cookies, donuts + chocolate!!).  We do try our best to make sure she eats a balanced diet and has all of her nutritional needs met, but we are far from feeding her a 100% organic Whole 30 diet or whatever is the "it" thing these days. ;)  She gets some treats but she is definitely a happy, healthy, well-fed little girl with a good appetite!  If you have any recommendations for mini meals or snacks (preferably easy ones), I really would love to hear!

Bon appetit, babies! :)

P.S. Stay tuned for a mini meals-related giveaway this week! :)


  1. I'm SO glad you posted this, as we are just getting into finger foods. I'm curious to know if you did "3 days" of intro to one specific solid, for allergy purposes? And if so, when did you give that up? I'm SO ready to just start giving Lola whatever I'm eating!

    1. We actually stopped the three day thing when Ellie was around six months old, mostly because a lot of the stage 2 foods we were giving her had a bunch of different fruits/veggies/grains/whatever. I was a little nervous but her pediatrician told me not to worry about it! Watching Ellie eat finger foods was a little nerve wrecking at first (and still can be) but I kind of thing of it like if we don't let her try it, she'll never learn.. And she seemed more than ready to start! Super soft foods that are still easy for them to pick up were nice to start with, like scrambled eggs, raspberries cut in half and even though they're not super healthy, pancakes! Good luck!!


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