Thursday, June 9, 2016

Father's Day Gift Guide

I'm not going to lie, Father's Day totally snuck up on me this year!  Tyler and I decided to skip Mother's + Father's Day gifts this year and just do something fun together instead, but I thought I'd share a few ideas to help those of you who will be out shopping in the next week!  Before I start, I will say that I tried to get a a little bit of help from Tyler for this post.  I asked him what he would buy a "basic dad", not necessarily specific to himself or his own father.  His first answer was coffee and a new mug, which I thought was a valid suggestion, followed quickly by some inappropriate ideas that I will not include here. ;)  So here are a few PG gift ideas! 

Dollar Shave Club // I've mentioned DSC before, but it's kind of a no-brainer gift idea in my book! 

Chatbook //  You can pick and choose your photos to create a custom book or import directly from Instagram to start a series of all your photos - use code RGQAT22Q to get your first book free!  Any kind of photo gifts are great keepsake ideas and something to put on dad's desk at work is perfect!  Bonus points if they include a homemade card or picture drawn by daddy's favorite little artist. :)  

Grill tools set // For the man who actually said he enjoys grilling.  Couple the tools with some meat rubs, a sample pack of BBQ or hot sauces for a fun, themed gift.  I'd also recommend checking HomeGoods for some edible items!  They always have some good finds in their food sections that are a little bit different and on the "gourmet" side of things if you want to get a little fancy. ;)  

Beer can holders // Of course if you buy the holders, you'll have to pick up some beer to complete the package!  You can never go wrong getting your guy his drink of choice.  I would probably pick up a sample case of beer or a summery one - I'm not usually a fan of Sam Adams, but their Porch Rocker is delish + seems like a festive choice for a holiday that lands on the first day of summer eve.  

 Hammock // We get so much use out of our hammie (the level of love is evidenced by a photo below) and I think it's the perfect gift idea to encourage a little bit of rest + relaxation.  Those beer can holders would be awesome to use by dad's new hammock!

Small Towner Tee // A graphic tee that describes who he is is a fun gifting choice.  If I could get Tyler a "ask me about my cat" tee so we could be twinning, you know I would! ;) 

Simple + somewhat practical things are usually the way I go with gifting. Please share if you have any gifting ideas - we have a couple dads in our lives we still need to shop for!

In other, completely unrelated news, the winner of the $50 PinkBlush giveaway is Courtney J.!  Thank you to all who entered.  We've got some fun things coming up over the next few months so there will definitely be more opportunities to win some goodies!   

Enjoy this random collection of Ellie snaps from the week + have a happy Friday eve! :)

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