Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pancakes + A Place to Play

Would you believe me if I said that, in my almost twenty-seven years, I've never made pancakes before until this week?  There was one time I started to, but Tyler immediately took the spatula into his own hands when he woke up and saw me standing in front of the stove attempting to flip a pancake (and I was not complaining).  Well, when we were looking a little empty in the grocery department Monday morning, I decided to give it a shot.  Ellie and I made pancakes not once, but twice this week already.  It's a very slippery, calorie-filled slope; but we just could not resist once I realized just how easy it is to flip a pancake - even with a twenty-something pound, spatula waving baby in tow.


When she leaned over, grabbed a spoon out of the silverware drawer and put it in the bowl to mix the batter just like I was, I also couldn't resist letting her help a little (read: make a giant mess that will probably forever be smeared in that rug).  Making messy morning memories... and adding some more cleaning to my to-do list. ;)

On another note... our living room had been pretty much a cluttered disaster since Christmas.  There were toys everywhere and no good place to put them all - have I mentioned how excited I am to have a playroom in our new house??! In the meantime, I wanted to get something to help organize the clutter a bit.  We grabbed one of these cube organizers and a few Pillowfort storage bins.  We moved the furniture in our living room around a bit and it made a huge difference.  The room looks much bigger and Ellie now has a place to play, not just a room filled to the brim with toys.

The cube organizer makes clean up a breeze knowing there is a spot to put away pretty much all of Ellie's toys!  It'll be perfect to put in her actual playroom when we move, and helps make our living room look a little more presentable and put-together.

floral headband c/o Finn & Pines // piggy rocker

It's the best waking up to a clutter-free room, and even better when waking up involves pancakes - am I right??  Or in Ellie's case, maybe it's even better when you're wearing your tutu + sharing Cheerios with your best girlfriend.

Hope you're all having a great week! XO

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