Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Re-Play Recycled Review + Giveaway

When it comes to feeding Ellie and trying to incorporate things like plates, bowls, cups + utensils in our daily feeding routines, things can get really messy really fast.  We're all about finding the best, most practical dinnerware for her, and Re-Play Recycled has not disappointed us!  If you're a mom of young children, you've probably heard of Re-Play Recycled; but just in case, here are a few quick facts:

All Re-Play Recycled is made from curbside collected HDPE plastic - aka milk jugs.

One pound of recycled plastic can charge a smartphone for 31 weeks.  Seriously, think about that one for a second. Pretty crazy, right?!

All source plastic meets FDA strict purity standards and FDA requirements for food contact.

All products are dishwasher safe, which is a huge must-have when I'm shopping for any dishes!

Re-Play Recycled is family owned, and all operations are done right here in the USA.

All of their products are super affordable, with individual items and most sets priced under $10.

We had the pleasure of trying out a set (bright pink, of course!) over the past couple weeks and have really been enjoying it.  Ellie is a huge fan of sippy cups and generally prefers her cups over bottles these days.  While she seems to love them all, some of them have a tendency to leak everywhere.  Before I know it, she's splashing her hands in a puddle of water on her highchair tray and smearing soggy food all over the place; or better yet, slipping in a puddle from a spilled sippy that was left on the floor.  With Re-Play No-Spill cups, this is not at all a concern!  These cups really don't leak a drop, making this mama's life that much easier.

The No-Spill cup has become a diaper bag essential, as well as their snack containers.  Both are so perfect for on-the-go days!  We also have loved using the divided plate and bowl.  They're both super durable, easy to clean, and while it could be a total coincidence at this point, Ellie doesn't just throw them on the floor! :)

Ellie has also been very into trying to use a fork and spoon lately.  While she's not very successful most of the time, she seems to understand the concept and will put her utensil in her bowl and bring it back up to her mouth - usually without much food getting in there, but I can totally appreciate the effort! ;)  These little utensils seem to be a perfect size for tiny hands that are just starting to learn to feed themselves.

We would definitely recommend Re-Play Recycled products to any of you mamas out there!  Re-Play Recycled has allowed me to give away a set like the one pictured below to one lucky reader.  The best part?  You get to pick your own color from the wide variety of options available! :)  Whether you're looking to give Re-Play products a test drive for the first time or already a loyal user, I encourage you to enter (for your own babies, a family member or friend!).  The giveaway will be open until Friday at 11:59 p.m EST.  Good luck!

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Feeding set provided c/o Re-Play Recycled. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Love this! We have some of these plates that we've had since Isla was starting to eat "real" food and we love them! Haven't tried the cups but definitely have the spilling issue over here too. I would probably pick a bold blue color... Westie might appreciate that to add to our collection of pink and purple ones we have ;) Ps. Ellie is the cutest with her little spoon.

    1. Hahah yes, I'm sure Westie would love the blue! :) And I know, she tries so hard with her spoon. It cracks me up!

  2. Have really been wanting to try these!! Would pick the bright pink for my sweet girl:) Ellie is too cute!!

    1. Thanks so much! :) We can't get enough pink around here! I've deemed it Ellie's favorite color until she can tell me otherwise. ;)

  3. She is adorable! 😍 We do have a few of these spoons, but would love to expand our collection! I like the teal!

    1. Thanks Courtney!! :) All of their stuff is awesome!

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