Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer Bucket List

It might not officially be summer just yet, but it definitely feels like it is and I am not complaining!  Summer has been my favorite season for as long as I can remember.  Tyler was putting calamine lotion on his poison ivy last night and the smell of it filled the house; it instantly brought me back to hot summer nights as a kid slathering that pink stuff all over my mosquito-bitten legs with cotton balls.  I remember that feeling of freedom on the last day of school, swimming like little fishes in our pool for hours on end, being terrified as the late afternoon thunderstorms rolled in, going to bed when it was still light out and waking up to the sounds of birds chirping through the open bedroom windows.  I am so excited to be able to see summer again through a child's eyes and can't wait for Ellie to experience all of the fun that summer has to offer!  That being said, I got to thinking about a few things that I want to make sure we do as a family this summer and put together a little bucket list to share:

1.)  Go to the beach.  This is number one for a reason!  Ellie's first time splashing her little toes in the ocean is something I am really looking forward to.

2.)  Make homemade popsicles.  I loved making our own last summer and have been searching for some good recipes - these grapefruit popsicles have my name written all over them and these watermelon ones look almost too cute to eat.  While I do plan to share with Ellie, I will not complain if we make some adult only ones as well.

3.)  Go out for ice cream.  We always have ice cream in our freezer, but going out and paying the same you would for one cone as you would an entire gallon is just more fun sometimes! ;)

4.)  Dance in the rain.  We've already crossed hammocking in the rain off our list, but a dance party still needs to happen.

5.)  Have a picnic - somewhere other than our backyard!

6.)  Have a campfire + make s'mores.  This one never got crossed off our spring bucket list, but I think it's kind of a summertime necessity.

7.)  Catch lightning bugs... or just watch them if I'm being realistic.

8.)  Celebrate the Fourth!  Go see fireworks (if Ells stays up past her bedtime - worst idea ever, maybe??) and do sparklers.

9.)  Go to a splash pad.  After a little research, I think the closest one to us is about a 45 minute drive (at Assabet Park, if you're local!).  It's a bit of a ride but I do think Ellie would like it.  Or maybe we'll settle for running through the sprinkler in the backyard. ;)

10.) Have a pajama day at home where we do absolutely no chores - all fun things, all day long!  I have a funny feeling that Tyler will be 100% on-board with this one.

Our summer plans also include celebrating our third wedding anniversary, my 27th birthday and Ellie sleeping through the night every single night for the entire season.  Okay, the last one might be way wishful thinking but it feels like there's always something to look forward to when the weather gets a little warmer around here.

A summer bucket list recommendation for people with kids who are a little older or even just as a date night?  Throw some pillows (or cushions from your outdoor furniture), blankets + snacks into the bed of your husband's (big, black, jacked-up) truck and head to the drive-in movies!  We did it the summer before Ellie was born and I'm pretty sure it's one of Tyler's most favorite date night ideas ever.

 What's on your summer bucket list?  I'd love to hear!  CHEERS to the most wonderful time of the year! ;)

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