Monday, July 25, 2016

Building a Mini Wardrobe: Early Fall Favorites

Not sure about you, but fall shopping is in full swing over here!  I mentioned a few posts back that I really wanted to not go insanely crazy when it comes to Ellie's fall wardrobe this year.  I'm trying to stick to staples that can easily be mixed + matched... and very well loved! It's kind of a weird feeling for me to have to start each season from scratch in terms of clothing; I always wonder if I'm going a little overboard, but sometimes it's hard to envision what a tiny wardrobe will actually come together to look like when you're buying in bits and pieces (and makes it not so easy to see why I don't actually need that ridiculously cute pair of pants that I thought I needed rightthissecond but match absolutely nothing she has and end up collecting dust in Ellie's bureau for months) .  I also tend to have some severe FOMO over Ellie's clothes, thinking I'll either miss out if I don't order fast enough and they sell out, or I'll buy too early and something EVEN CUTER comes out later.  I know, it's ridiculous - please tell me I'm not alone!  Today I've rounded up a handful of my ultimate favorite finds thus far as I try to narrow things down a bit - some items have already been ordered, and some are still impatiently sitting in my shopping carts! ;)

A little breakdown...

Cardigans //  Ellie wore her cardigans so much last fall, winter + spring, so I ordered that same one in all three colors it comes in.  Such an awesome price point and they go with everything.  My other favorites are from J.Crew Factory (Crewcuts stuff all runs a little small, just as an FYI) and this gold one from Old Navy.  I just love littles in layers, and they're especially great when you're not supposed to dress your kids in giant puffy coats while they're in their car seats but don't want them to freeze while the car warms up!

Chambray top // Matches just about anything and is a year-round staple in any girl's wardrobe!

Vest // I love a vest for layering and faux fur has my heart, but I also love this one.  I am totally going to see if Ellie's Gap puffy vest from last year will still fit her since it was way too big until this past spring. ;)

Hoodie // Another staple in anyone's wardrobe - comfortable and cozy when the cool temps show up. A pair of sweats or joggers would be the perfect lazy day addition!

Jacket // A lightweight jacket in a neutral color to match anything Ellie wears.  I love the ruffle hem and the hood on the one above.

A couple simple tees and a few chunky knit sweaters that I grabbed on sale at the end of last season will also be included in Ellie's tops this fall.  Plus, I love this tee in dark red from the boys' section and think it would be too cute for words with either a skirt or leggings and a cardigan on top! I know hubs will approve, too.  Got to be game day ready! ;)
Skirts // All the heart eyes for that tea length tutu!! I've been waiting for some new ones to come out and they did not disappoint.  For bigger girls, I love this one from the new Cat & Jack line at Target.  The toddler line comes out August 7th and I'm so excited to see what they have available in Ellie sizes!

Dresses //  Dresses are currently my favorite thing to dress Ellie in since they are so easy to get on and don't require taking any articles of clothing off for a diaper change!  I am obsessed with that striped dress, which happens to be very June & January -esq.  That long sleeved one is an adorable alternative and super affordable.  I'm also loving this simple one, these stripes and the pattern on this pretty!

Jeggings // Jeans and babies still in diapers don't mix too well in my opinion (a PITA to get on and off), but jeggings fit so great and give the denim look while keeping things comfy.

Leggings // The easiest way to mix things up and add a splash of color!  A few pairs of leggings that show off cute baby booties + legs are a must.

Footwear //  Moccasins are the best for babies + toddlers.  Ellie never had a problem walking in hers even when was just taking her first steps.  Also, I love those gold glittery flats which happen match Ellie's bag. ;)  Tyler definitely rolled his eyes when I told him I wanted to get Ellie some Hunter boots to match mine, but once he saw them I think he might have changed his mind. :) My Hunters are one of my favorite pairs of footwear I own and I wear them all. the. time. in the fall and winter - they're super practical, really durable and adorable, too.
Not pictured?  Tights + accessories - will be sharing my favorites in another post!
Yes, I really do take shopping for Ellie this seriously all the time. Welcome to Crazy Town, folks. ;)

I really like how all of these pieces came together "on paper" and think you could create quite a few crazy cute outfits by mixing + matching them!  Can you guess which colors are my favorites? :)  I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for some tiny flannel and a new pair of leopard print leggings as well, so please send the links my way if you see any!  As always, Ellie's fall wardrobe is shaping up to be much, much cuter than mine.  Have some fall must-haves?  I'd love to hear!  I guess this post won't help much if you're a boy mom, but I'll be sharing some ladies favorites soon as well. :)


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