Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ellie Meets the Atlantic

Bringing Ellie to the beach was number one on our summer bucket list and it did not disappoint!  I think being within driving distance to the ocean, even better that we can easily make a day trip out of it, is totally something I took for granted growing up.  I can't even imagine a summer having gone by without at least one trip to the beach as a kid, and hope we can bring Ellie many, many times throughout her childhood.

First stop: brunch.  If you ever happen to be in the Narragansett, Rhode Island area, I definitely recommend checking out Crazy Burger.  Their menu is huge (as are their portions), prices are reasonable and service is super quick.  I don't think we even waited five minutes before our food came out after ordering!  Plus, the atmosphere and decor were just really cute.  Everything was delicious, and we sampled a lot of stuff between the three of us, including a lifetime's supply of home fries (aka french fries for breakfast).  Ellie's favorite might have been Tyler's freshly squeezed orange juice that she drank... while sitting like a big girl in the booth next to me.  Girlfriend has made it pretty clear that high chairs are so yesterday

After fueling up, we headed to Roger Wheeler State Beach. Aside from the crazy wind, the weather was pretty perfect for a beach day.  Ellie played in the sand for almost two hours under our umbrella before getting bored.  Sand was (and still is) everywhere, including Tyler's eye after she dumped an entire shovel full right in there, but she had so much fun quietly playing.  It was totally a win for everyone.  Except for maybe Tyler's left eye.

swimsuit old from Carter's  // glitter clip c/o

Surprisingly enough, Ells only tried to eat sand once the whole time we were there and immediately wanted me to scrape it off her tongue - guess she learned her lesson. ;)

Ellie was obsessed with all of the seagulls, which came as no surprise since she loves the birds in our yard.  She also loves people watching and was super interested in watching all of the older kids play and jump around in the water.  Of course we had to stop to collect some rocks, too.

To keep things from getting ridiculously messy, we waited until the end of our trip to go down to the water.  Also, we didn't want to ruin a good thing with Ellie being so content just playing with her shovel and pail. ;)  We spent the rest of the time playing in the ocean and Ellie's reaction to the water hitting her toes was everything I was hoping it would be! :)

There is definitely something magical about the ocean water, but seeing all of these "new things" through Ellie's eyes makes it even more special.

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