Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fourth Weekend Fun

Hope you all had a very Happy Fourth of July weekend! :)
After getting my birthday presents hand delivered to me in bed by daddy's tiny assistant (heart eyes for DAYS), we ate way too many donuts and spent Saturday afternoon at my parents' house.  Just to give you all a better idea about how chill my child is, here are some photos my sister snapped in the whole 14 seconds it takes someone to sing "Happy Birthday".

I definitely can thank "the Ellie workout" for the tiniest bit of muscle that finally showed up on my arms. ;)

While we were at my parents', we also got to cuddle two week old kittens.  A cat lady's birthday dreams come true, one might say! ;)  What was even better than that?  Watching Ellie give two week old kittens kisses.  If we lived closer, I would probably be dragging Ells over there every day to stare at them for hours.

We spent Sunday morning getting some of our chores out of the way.  Ellie and I were at the grocery store at 8 a.m., which never, ever happens.  Turns out that's like the best time ever to go grocery shopping if you hate trying to fight someone for that last good-looking watermelon. ;)  Seriously, it was so quiet, I think we made record shopping trip time!  In the afternoon, our friends Karissa and Jack came over for a cookout to celebrate my and Karissa's birthdays (they're just a few days apart) and just to hangout.  We grilled and had ice cream sundaes with all of the fixings! :)  When your friends love ice cream as much as you do, there is no hesitation when it comes to having sundaes for dessert!

 Ellie gave me a belated birthday gift Monday morning by sleeping in until almost 7:30.  It was such a strange (but amazing) feeling to wake up for the day before she did, especially because it has been months and months since that last happened.  We had a quiet day at home in our red, white + blue attire - I couldn't resist putting Ellie in her navy bikini + red sailor bow again.  It's just too much patriotic cuteness. :)

There was no way girlfriend was going to make it up for fireworks this year, but that's okay.  I'm sure she will love them next Fourth of July.  Or, she'll think they're terrifying like I did when I was little.  Only time will tell. ;)

I also made this white peach sangria over the weekend.  I used triple sec instead of brandy, and added a little more seltzer than the recipe calls for.  It was pretty good, but definitely better after sitting in the fridge overnight!

And with that, it's Tuesday that feels a little bit like Monday.  Hope your week is off to a great start!  One day down, four more to go until next weekend! ;)

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