Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! :)
As always, we're looking forward to the weekend ahead, but I can't believe it's the last one of July!  I know I say it all the time, but time is seriously FLYING.  It will be cat-o-lantern season again before we know it.

You know when you try so hard to take your kid's picture and she's 100% all set?  I find the cutest ones always come when I'm least expecting them, like trying to keep Ellie occupied with snacks while I put groceries away.  And apparently stop to take 57 pictures while I'm at it.  That toothy grin is my first favorite this week!  Ellie rarely shows her (12!!) teeth when she smiles so this made my heart melt.

Adding to my list of adorable toddler styles I shared earlier this week are another one million things, but I will just share that Carters and OshKosh shoes are buy one get one FREE.  So get over and check out the adorableness, like these kitty riding boots right meow! ;)

Anyone else checking your fave stores for new releases of Halloween goodies like five times a day?  At least, right?  Where are all the festive jams at?!  The good news is I think I've decided on a Halloween costume for Ells so that will keep me happy in the meantime.  It will involve a little DIY project (I think), so based on my track record I better get making now if I want it to be done in time.

I am swooning over this dress for ladies. The bottom reminds me of a tutu and the top is striped, so what's not to love? Also obsessed with these boots.  The super sale price is haunting me in my sleep a little bit. ;)

Taco poptarts?! I'm thinking a little fiesta is on our Saturday night menu.  For me (the worst meal planner on the planet) to plan a meal a day or two ahead, it must be a big deal.

Some super cute pretties can be found over at Sweet Water Decor, and today is their last day of their semi annual sale!  I love, love, love all of their coffee mugs and am wishing we could jam just a few more mugs into our already overflowing kitchen cabinet. 

This lighting collection at Target is the bomb.  I had wanted to get the table lamps for our nightstands but they didn't have them online or in store at the time (my mom was looking for them at Christmas).  They're still not available online but I saw them in store a couple weeks ago and they are SO cute!  I'm looking for some kind of lighting for our living room and they are at the top of the list right now.  Definitely check your local store if you're interested!

Also loving this rug, currently on sale!  I have a weird obsession with decorating with pink.  Insert hubs' eye roll right about here. 

Sometimes it feels silly to write about things like cute boots + taco pop tarts when there are so many crazy things going on in the world, but I like to think of this space as a little escape from the crazy and hope you do too. :)  Hope you have a fast Friday + fun weekend ahead!


  1. I need those boots in my life right now!!! And those taco poptarts! Ah. I was just on the carter website earlier today looking for some 1st birthday gifts for Ava. I saw the cat riding boots and thought of you and Ellie right away. They had cute little leggings that had cats on the knees, did you see those?! 😻

    1. I know, I love those boots so much!!! And yes, I did see those leggings! So much kitty cuteness. I'm sure you found something cute for Ava! :)


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