Friday, July 15, 2016

Mini Fashion // All that Glitters is Gold

As usual, I've been perusing the virtual shelves like crazy lately and anything gold always seems to catch my eye.  Gold is one of those colors that I think can easily be worn year-round, so snagging something now would be perfect to last through the summer and into fall!  Here are a few gold (mostly glittery) things that I'm loving - plus a tulle skirt (aka tutu) because it looks great with gold + who doesn't love tutus?!

Odds are slim that I would ever be able to get Ellie to actually wear the kitty ears or the sunnies, but seriously they are just way too cute.  Also, that tutu is on SALE!  If I could dress Ellie in a tutu every day of her life for the next five years, I probably would.  Totally acceptable, right?  She doesn't seem to be complaining at this point. ;)

She hates the camera, can't you tell?  I think Ellie's learning that tutus are extra fun when she's dancing, and girlfriend loves to bust a move!  I had all heart eyes during "twirling practice" in the driveway earlier this week - one of those memories I want to bottle up in my mind forever.

Also, please don't misconstrue the recent mentions of fall + adorable fall fashion as a rush to get through summer.  I suppose the biggest reason I am extra excited for fall this year is our pending move (yes, it's real and coming!!!).  Aside from that tidbit, now through December are the best months of the year in my mind and have always been my favorites for as long as I can remember.  I plan to embrace all of the summer-y, pumpkin-y, Christmas-y goodness that is to come!!  Cheers to Friday + the weekend ahead! Make it a good one, friends.  :)

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