Thursday, July 7, 2016

Mom Life // Days with a Toddler are Like...

Early morning wake-up calls + IMMEDIATELY bouncing off the walls.

Can't turn my back for half a second's time without finding my child climbing on top of the kitchen table, on the back of the couch or the back of a cat.  

Endlessly stepping on Cheerios that have been smashed into the living room floor, finding tiny banana-smeared handprints on the front of the dishwasher, and discovering the granola bar I swore she ate three days ago crumbled in the bottom of the toy bin.

Her begging me to go outside before the clock hits 7:00 a.m. and me begging her to please sit still for a ten second diaper change, please stop putting rocks in her mouth and please stop flushing the toilet for absolutely no reason for the fourteenth time that day. Why does it feel like I'm always saying "no"??

Chasing a diaper-less child, chasing kitties + chasing dreams of what it would be like to drink an entire hot cup of coffee again.

Having enough time to pick up the mess from one meal before she's back at for round two.  Trying to teach her how to eat using utensils, to nod her head "yes" instead of always shaking it "no" and to stop calling everyone and their mother "mumma".

Dance parties with the Biebs on repeat, dump truck rides + sleepy snuggles on the hammock.

Tantrums because she's tired, tantrums because she's hot, tantrums because I took away her crayons since her doodling (on the walls!) is getting way out of control.

Playing "let's start the laundry", "let's empty the dishwasher" + "let's vacuum the whole house before we even think about doing anything else today"... and wondering when will she stop thinking these kinds of things are fun.

Losing patience, remote controls, hair bows + every single binky we own. 

Belly laughs from playing tag, belly laughs from tickle fights and belly laughs because she bounced that plastic golf ball so hard right off of my forehead (hello, Julian 'Frankenstein' McGrath). 

A "daddy, have you left work yet?" phone call in an attempt to entertain the girl who fake talks on anything that resembles a phone all day long. And because really - daddy, why haven't you left work yet?!
Wanting to do all the things but settling for two because most of the time, there are just not enough hours in the day.

Not sitting down for longer than three minutes at a time until 9:00 p.m. Kicking my feet up on the couch, wondering if I will get to sleep through the night that night (or ever again), wondering if she had fun that day, and thinking about how I miss her already... even though I know I would lose my mind if she woke up and we had to repeat the bedtime routine all over again.

Buttons pushed + boundaries tested.  Curiousity levels on high.  The tightest hugs around our necks and the best slobbery kisses on the planet.  Full hands, full hearts + more love than we could ever imagine!

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