Sunday, July 17, 2016

Our Weekend

Just another weekend recap!  Tyler spent all day Friday and Saturday at his parents' house helping them put in new concrete counter tops.  Yep, totally "Fixer Upper" style!  It looks like they did a great job from the pictures I've seen, and while I'm sure it was a lot of work, they made it look like an easy weekend project!  

With Tyler being gone, it meant Friday night was my first night ever home alone with Ellie overnight.  I will say it felt pretty much the same as if he were here during the night (no offense to my hubs, but he will totally admit that I wake up with Ellie 99% of the time), except for the fact that sleeping alone is not my favorite.  One too many episodes of "Unsolved Mysteries" as a kid? ;)  Of course we missed daddy a lot but we attempted to have a little bit of fun girl time!  Friday was kind of meltdown city and I was just glad I managed to get a few smiles out of Ells the whole day, but Saturday was much better - who could complain when your day involves donuts + a Target run though? ;)

Ellie's curls are getting out of control cute and I am not complaining! ;)

We spent Sunday afternoon at my parents' house... so, the usual overload of kitten faces on Snapchat and eating way too much delicious food. :)

Ellie decided to put on my mom's oven mitts so I couldn't help but snap a picture.  The things she picks up on always make me smile. :) Also, how about those kitten faces?!  Heart eyes.

 I am very sad to see this weekend (and our staycation) come to an end - tears might actually be shed when Tyler leaves for work tomorrow.  Is it possible to need a vacation after your staycation?? ;)


  1. Okay, the picture of Ellie lounging on the chair in Target and then her pink ruffles bathing suit... TOO cute!!

    1. Thanks, Melissa! She's quite the character :)


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