Sunday, July 24, 2016

Our Weekend

It was a pretty perfect summery weekend, complete with ice cream, swimming + "sleeping in".  We even managed to sneak in some adult-only dinner + drinks outside Saturday night, so high five to that.  I used to love doing nothing on the weekends, and while that can be nice sometimes, I know Ellie loves to be out and about.  We're always looking for something to do that involves getting out of the house without melting in the summer heat, even if it's only for a couple hours.  A little ice cream outing made a hot + humid Saturday afternoon much more bearable, especially since it involved all kinds of animals for Ells to make friends with through the fence.  Don't let her little eye roll in one of the photos below fool you, she was having a ball. ;)

Seeing some of our family + going for a dip in the pool rounded out our weekend perfectly!  Ellie is such a little fish, she would probably stay in the water all day if we let her. 

I love babies in bathing suits, but how cute is topless Ellie going for a swim? :)

Hoping she sleeps well tonight after our adventures + hoping you all had a great weekend, too! XO

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