Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Thirteen, Fourteen + Fifteen Month Favorites

Ellie officially turned fifteen months old on Tuesday!  I know, I can't believe it either.  I'll be sharing a little quarterly Ellie update after we get her stats at her doctor's appointment next week, but thought I'd share some of the products we've been loving over the past few months in the meantime!  Ellie seems to prefer anything that isn't actually a toy best, but isn't that the way it always goes?  ;)  I couldn't even begin to count the number of times a day I ask her "do you want to go play with your toys now?", as she's climbing on top of Tyler's desk to turn the "dance music" on or turning the washer + dryer on and off twenty-seven times in a row.  In terms of actual child products and toys, we are still using many of the same things we've been using for a while (find them here), but these are some of the new + different things we've been loving lately.

Crayons + Chalk // Oh boy, does girlfriend love to doodle.  Paper, the chalkboard, the walls, the furniture, the neighbors' cat - you name it, Ellie has colored on it.  My mom just got her washable crayons today, which will likely go over much smoother, but we started her on these egg-shaped ones that she got in her Easter basket.  She goes bonkers whenever she sees the chalk or her crayons, but obviously doesn't understand that she can't just color on whatever she pleases at this point.  Regardless, she loves it so I try my best to keep her from going color crazy and let her still use them under very watchful eye. ;)  I was also thinking of looking for a Magna Doodle to fulfill some of the coloring urge and keep the need for stain removal at bay, what do you think?!

Lift + Flap Books // Ellie has been really loving the interactive nature of lift + flap books like Red Light, Green Light and Dear Zoo.  We read quite a bit and Ells does enjoy pretty much any book at this point. Goodnight Moon might be her most favorite right now (approximately 3,597 times a day). #classic

Utensils // Yay for attempting to use utensils!  It's so messy but she's learning and these ones are perfect for Ellie-sized hands.  Forks are easier than spoons since the food generally stays on them better. :) 

Convertible Car Seat // We finally switched Ellie out of her infant seat after she turned one and have been liking this new seat much better!  I said I wanted one that would last her forever, and this is supposed to do just that.  There's lots of space for Ellie, I love the color (and stripes), plus those cup holders! ;)

Beanie Baby // Ellie has really been loving the two Beanie Baby kitties we got her - most random Party City purchase ever.  She also loves baby dolls that have binkies or bottles that she can put in their mouths.  Yes, seeing her act like a little mama gives me baby fever overload.

Wagon // Anything that she can drag or push around is awesome in Ellie's eyes.  She loves to throw some toys, snacks or anything she can get her hands on in there and pull it around the house or yard.  Ellie also tries to climb in herself, but it usually doesn't end too well.  I was thinking of getting some kind of wagon-thing that Ellie could actually fit in to take a ride, but haven't bought anything yet.  She does have her little tricycle contraption that I mentioned before. It's not quite the same but she does like to cruise around it in a bit!

Not pictured: You know the giant bouncy balls in the netting at Target or wherever?  Ellie got one for her birthday and it was an instant hit that she's still pretty obsessed with.

Any recommendations for the upcoming months? I'd love to hear!


  1. Love this list! We do have a Magna Doodle type board here & Weston loves it.. I'd definitely say give it a go with Ellie! Thanks for reminding me I need to stock up on some utensils! We don't have too many little toddler safe ones anymore, more so slightly bigger kiddos with metal & such. If I shared Weston's track record with you when using them you'd probably see why we've been slacking in the utensil practice ;) #motheroftheyear. Think we will
    take Ellie's recommendation & order some like hers! Ps. Make our babies stop growing, thanks :( PPS. Ellie on the tricycle is everythinggggg! <3

    1. Haha thanks love!! Good to know about the Magna Doodle. I will def check them out! And I hear you, it's kind of a pain but she initiated it so I'll let her attempt the utensils ;) sometimes she'll pick the food up with the spoon and use her other hand to put the food in her mouth lol


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