Sunday, August 14, 2016

Eight Things I Learned This Weekend

1.)  My sister-in-law is a total rockstar.  After over 24 hours of labor, she gave birth to a beautiful, just under TEN POUND baby boy (same size as two month old Ellie!).  He is so cute and has some dreamy, thick, dark hair.   Ellie didn't think too much of him this time, but I think she was too distracted by her surroundings to really even fully understand there was another small human in our midst.   We need to work on getting a better cousins picture, so here's a shot of Uncle Tyler + not-so-tiny newborn Elijah James in the meantime. :)

2.)  Baby fever sky rockets when you see your husband holding a newborn baby again.  I think this one is self explanatory, yes?

3.)  The secrets to getting Ellie to stay seated in the shopping cart for (almost) the entire grocery run are a.) cheese + b.) donuts.  I used to think it was kind of strange when moms would open something for their kids to eat while they were shopping - like really?  Can't they just wait ten minutes?  Nope.  Sometimes they really can't.  Also, I am totally guilty of letting Ellie carry around something for a few aisles so she doesn't cause a scene and putting it in some random spot...  because no, we are not going to buy a can of Spam.  The Reese's may or may not have made the cut, however.

4.)  The best ways to cool down when it's crazy hot + humid include:
a.) multiple baths a day,
b.) sprawling out on the cool tile floor and
c.) enjoying a few good reads - even better if done so in the nude.

5.)  Always say "yes" to getting little messy with ice cream.  Summer will be over before we know it and we will miss it like cray.  So, bring on all the ice cream dates, even if it means alternating between taking bites + wiping the sweat off our foreheads.

6.)  It is so much easier to take family selfies when your front facing camera doesn't have giant crack down the middle of it.  Heads half cut off + an Ellie eye roll for the win.

7.)  Ellie's hair is so much prettier than mine.  Also, a cool aunt does her hair just to look like her niece's.  Perhaps these two will start a new trend. ;)

8.)  There's no substitute for your mom's cooking and a little change of scenery at Grammie + Grampy's house.  Bonus points if your visit involves six kitties.  They are going to their forever homes this week and we will miss them dearly.

Okay, so maybe I knew some of these before this weekend; but, it was a good reminder + we had a lot of fun nonetheless!  Hope you enjoyed yours, too! :)

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