Sunday, August 21, 2016

Our Weekend

Another weekend recap which means time spent with family + lots of good food! :)  We spent Saturday afternoon visiting Tyler's family.  It's a rare occassion for Ellie to get to see all of her aunties and uncles on Tyler's side all in one day because of how different everyone's schedules can be.  Somehow it happened and it was pretty awesome!  Ellie also had her first trampoline experience and loved swinging on her grandparents' swing... almost as much as she loved eating macaroni salad and sniffing her baby cousin's feet. :)


Whenever we go to either one of our parents' houses, I always think about how it feels like Tyler and I were just teenagers, doing things like jumping on the trampoline and sitting at the table for dinner with our families.  It never fails to feel like home and we really love getting to see everyone!

Sunday morning Ellie slept in until just after 7 a.m., which never, ever happens.  I had just enough time to tip-toe into the kitchen and turn on the coffee maker before I saw her head pop up on the baby monitor. :)  I  almost hate to put it writing because I don't want to jinx it, but she's been sleeping really well lately and has slept through the night five out of the six past nights.  Knock on all the wood.  I think it's about time for her to start doing that on a regular basis, so our fingers are definitely crossed she keeps it up.  We spent  the rest of our day playing outside, getting some stuff done around the house and going grocery shopping... complete with a little public indecency.  Luckily for everyone involved, it's the cute, tiny human in our family who can't seem to keep her clothes on these days. ;)  We made burrito bowls for dinner and they will definitely be added into our meal rotation!  Super easy, quick and something I don't feel bad about feeding to Ellie, which kind of makes them an automatic win in our book.

Per usual, we've got a little bit of Sunday night blues going on tonight.  Can't the weekends be just a little bit longer?? We hate seeing daddy go to work on Monday mornings, but are looking forward to enjoying what looks like it'll be a week of beautiful weather ahead! :)

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