Wednesday, August 31, 2016

September Eve Excitement

If I had to rank my favorite months of the year, I'd probably say September would come as a close third behind July and December (even the gloomiest of weather can't stop my love of obsession with Christmas).  While there's still technically a few more weeks left of summer, the beginning of September + Labor Day weekend are pretty much the unofficial start to fall.  I will definitely be missing summertime and all of the fun we've been having, but it seems as though there are some things that will be making fall even more exciting this year! :)

First off, we will finally be putting our house on the market.  I'm not sure if I'm more excited about this or completely dreading the entire process... because let's face it, "selling our house is so much fun" - said no one ever.  The thought of trying to keep a house looking presentable with a toddler tornado + three cats living in it, and then packing up said toddler tornado + three cats every time we have a showing seems like kind of a nightmare.  It will all be SO worth it though in the end though.  We cannot wait to get into our new home and are beyond excited for our move...  Just keeping our fingers crossed that we sell as quickly + painlessly as possible! ;)

Secondly, all things fall multiplied by my love of Ellie.  Apple picking?  Hay rides?  Cat-o-lanterns?  Leaf piles?  Pumpkin flavored everything?  TRICK OR TREAT?!  Fall with Ellie this year is going to be so. much. fun.  She is such a tiny human these days and her sweet personality almost makes me wish I could go wake her up in the middle of the night just to hang out with her because she's so much fun.  Ellie's first real trick-or-treating experience is probably going to be the highlight of the season.  I'm sure we won't go to too many houses, but it's still going to be way too cute to see her dressed up, pumpkin bucket in tow!  Our local apple orchards open this coming weekend already and I can't even wait to see Ellie's reaction to getting to pick apples off of a tree.  Not joking in the slightest.  It's so funny how even the simplest of things seem brand new when you have a baby of your own.  Yay for so many firsts... and hopefully lots of mama + mini cat ears. ;)

Thirdly, fall weather means fall style.  I will be sad to see the summer sun go, but weather during the day will most likely stay pretty warm over here for the next few weeks at least.  Nights have already started to get cooler and soon the cool weather will be here to stay (for way too long).  Fall is my favorite season to dress for (and dress Ellie for), so bring on the sweaters, scarves + kitty cat riding boots!

Fourthly, football season.  I am not going to pretend I'm a huge football fan because that I am not; but, any excuse to hang out with family in cozy clothes + eat good food is a win in my book. Ellie's got her Brady jersey ready to wear again this year and Tyler's been ready for the season to begin since February.  So, bring on the comfort food + halftime football in the yard to burn off some Ellie energy... and GO PATS! ;)

hoodie dress // black + white bow c/o // striped blanket // striped shirt (major steal!) // glitter shoes // orange bow c/o

 Just a few of the things that we're extra excited about this fall!  What are you looking forward to most this season? :)  Hope you're all having a fab week + don't forget, tomorrow is the last day to enter our giveaway with Fancy That Party!


  1. love these pics! the one of your cat watching her from the window and the fact that she sleeps with slippers on is amazing!!

  2. Haha! Only by request she does. She's quite the character :)


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