Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

Three day weekends always seem to go by even faster than the normal two day weekends, yes??  Our Labor Day Weekend was the perfect mix of fall and summer (activities + weather-wise).  We kicked off our Saturday morning taking Ellie apple picking for the first time!  She had a lot of fun and loved helping pick the apples off the trees and putting them in the bag.  She also loved just running through (and picking) the tall grass, and being the designated apple taste-tester.  We were there within thirty minutes of the orchard opening for the season, so it was super quiet and there were tons of ripe apples ready to be picked! :)  We got an up-close and personal peek at the farm's chickens on our way out, which seemed to totally blow Ellie's mind. We also grabbed some goodies to take home with us from the farm stand, including the most delicious apple cider donuts I've ever tasted + some apple hickory barbecue sauce that we used to make BBQ chicken on the grill that night!

It was a lot of fun and we plan to head back once the pumpkins are ready to be picked!  Also, we snuck a peek at the Christmas tree farm across the street as we drove away which made me all kinds of excited, I'm not going to lie! ;)

We had a quiet Sunday morning and got ready to head to my parents' house in the afternoon.  We had to make a pit stop on our way over there to pick up a bed frame I found on Craigslist for Ellie's big girl bed.  I am SO excited about this bed frame.  We have a twin bed already, but no headboard or footboard.  I told myself I would only buy one if I found one at a good price that I loved because it wasn't really a necessity and my favorite one to-date had been this one that was way out of my price range.  Our little fixer upper is over fifty years old, in really good shape and was less than a fifth of the price of the one I originally liked!  I'm pretty sure I'm going to paint it white using chalk paint like we did Ellie's crib, unless someone can talk me out of it. ;)  While I'm fairly certain Ells could currently climb her way out of her crib if she tried, she's never really in there awake + alone long enough to find out.  I'm hoping we can get into the winter (or through it!) before we have to make the big girl bed switch, which will give me enough time to get my project complete! :)

After grabbing the bed frame, we headed over to a country club where my dad is a member and spent a couple hours at the pool.  Ellie had so much fun playing in the kiddie pool areas + on the playground that was perfectly Ellie-sized!!  It was the perfect way to sneak in a little taste of summer before we put our swimsuits away until next year.  It was also ridiculously quiet there too, not that I'm complaining about practically having the pool to ourselves.

The weather Monday looked a little iffy at first, but ended up being a pretty nice day out (although much chillier than the rest of the weekend).  It was a quiet day - highlights included shooting some hoops + making an apple pie.  Also, Tyler and Ellie holding hands on our walk...

tutu dress

I promise I was actually present during all these activities, even if I barely made it into one picture.  I'm just not as lucky as my family members who have someone following them around all day, constantly taking their photos. ;)

Hope you all had a Labor Day weekend with your families and enjoy your first full unofficial week of fall!! :)

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